Welcome to Nightlight Christian Adoptions’ information page for international post placement and post adoption reporting. This page is set up for families and post placement/adoption provider agencies to find all the information you need to complete and submit a post placement or post adoption report. It is the adoptive family’s responsibility to ensure all reporting requirements are followed and communicated to their post placement/adoption provider, obtain any required authentication, and submit all required photographs. Please contact the family’s Post Adoption Coordinator or Heather Sloan, Director of the Post Adoption Connection Center, at heather@nightlight.org with any questions.


1-month Contact Form

Nightlight requires a 1-month contact check-in for every international adoptive family. This is not a full post report, but intended to be a time for the family to connect with the post adoption provider and talk over their initial adjustment home with their child. This should be completed in person, either in the family home, agency office, or neutral location. Below is a PDF template you can use to complete the report and submit to the family’s Post Adoption Coordinator.

1-month Contact Form Instructions and Visit Questionnaire

1-month Contact Form

Note: Nigeria and Hong Kong require a formal, full report instead of an informal check-in. For these countries, please follow the country specific instructions linked on this page for your program and conduct a regular post placement or post adoption report.

Notarization Form For Self-Reports

Notarization Form for Self-Reports 

Note: Only needed for Nigeria, Taiwan, Malawi, and Haiti (Dossier approved before 10/02/2016).

Post Placement/Post Adoption Report Instructions

Instructions for each country are below and are meant as a guide for the family and agency. Please contact the family’s Post Adoption Coordinator with any questions. It is the adoptive family’s responsibility to see that the reports and appropriate document is submitted to Nightlight in a timely manner.

Here is a Post Adoption Questionnaire for the family to complete and submit to their post adoption report provider before the visit. This is not required but can be used as a tool for the post adoption report provider in interviewing the family and completing the report.



Burkina Faso


Colombia – Court finalization before 1/19/2021

Colombia – Court finalization after 1/19/2021

Dominican Republic



Haiti – Dossier approved before 10/1/2016

Haiti – Dossier approved after 10/1/2016


Hong Kong


Individualized Country Programs


Jamaica – Adoption Order

Jamaica – Adoption License











Taiwan – Adopted before April 2018

Taiwan – Adopted after April 2018