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Nightlight Press Release Kit

June 6, 6024Local news features Snowflakes Family 

October 14, 2023, Nightlight featured in National Association of Evangelicals 

September 17, 2023, Waco Foster Program Featured in Local News 

May 24, 2023Philadelphia Inquirer features Snowflakes family 

May 7, 2023Omaha news stations feature Snowflakes® family

April 17, 2023World News Group interview about Snowflakes® saving lives 

April 3, 2023Denver Catholic features our Domestic program as a pro-life alternative

February 9, 2023Cheyenne Post features story of 1000th Snowflake®

February 2, 2023The Federalist Promotes Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption 

January 19, 2023Kentucky local news features Hannah about foster care

January 13, 2023, Labor of Love: Embryo Adoption Pioneer Agency Reaches 1,000th Milestone Birth!

November 16, 2022 Kentucky local news features Dana Poynter about foster care

November 14, 2022Kansas Local news features Nightlight

October 26, 2022Snowflakes family featured in Indiana news

June 12, features Snowflakes family

July 11, 2022The Christian Post – Over 900 babies born through Christian agency’s embryo adoption program

June 10, 2022Stateline – PEW Charitable Trusts – Abortion bans may add to uncertainty over embryo donation

June 5, 2022Dallas Family tells Snowflakes story to media

May 22, 2022Lexington Ky highlights need for foster families

May 17, 2022ST Louis news station features Snowflakes Family

May 16, 2022, Scripps TV – Embryo adoption is more cost effective ivf treatment 

May 16, 2022KMOV St. Louis – Family shares story, Embryo adoption gains popularity

May 12, 2022Lexington KY News features Nightlight Staff about Foster Care

May 10, 2022Murfreesboro Post/Mainstreet Nashville – Unique journey to motherhood

May 3, 2022The Oregonian Features Snowflakes Family 

May 2, 2022Oregon Live — Embryo donation gains popularity in Oregon; parents grapple with complicated questions

May 1, 2022KTUU TV Alaska News Source — After failed fertility treatments Kodiak couple adopted embryos

April 30, 2022Spectrum News 1 TV Austin, TXTexas families turn to alternative methods to have children

April 28, 2022, Snowflakes featured on Podcast “Love and Mother”

April 27, 2022Love Mother Podcast – Interview with Snowflakes family #1

April 22, 2022Spectrum News 1 Columbus, OH – Infertility awareness week embryo adoption

April 6, 2022WLAB STAR 88.3 Ft. Wayne, IN “Conversations” host, Melissa Montana – Radio interview embryo adoption

March 27, 2022, Local news story about family in Ukraine adoption process

March 24, 2022Fox19 WXIX TV Cincinnati, OH – Rare embryo treatment UCHealth

March 17, 2022Local news story about adoption from Ukraine

March 17, 2022Family family hopes to bring home Ukraine child

March 10, 2022Nightlight cited in World Magazine about Ukraine and adoption

March 7, 2022Ukraine adoptions amidst Russian invasion

December 9, 2021Maine Couple who adopted from Bulgaria featured in local news

November 18, 2021People Magazine Features Nightlight Family

November 17, 2021Good Morning America features Nightlight family

June 30, 2021World Magazine about Barriers to intercountry adoption

June 5, 2021Nightlight helps families afford adoption

March 11, 2021Nightlight’s Alicia Olsen on trans-racial adoption in World Magazine

December 11, 2020Nightlight Advocates for China to reopen

November 22, 2020Louisville Family Adopts 20 Year Frozen Embryo

July 26, 2020Family Adopts from China despite COVID-19 restrictions

June 4, 2020, Christians pull together to bring adopted kids to US from Haiti

May 7, 2020Florida Domestic family finalizes via Zoom

January 7, 2020The Federalist features our Snowflakes® program, in defense of Embryo Adoption

November 18, 2019Erin Cerone featured on Waco news for Adoption Month

November 6, 2019Domestic family in Missouri featured on local news

October 10, 2019, World Magazine features first Snowflakes® Family

September 27, 2019, Refuge Radio with guest Dan & Nicole talking about Nightlight adoption programs

June 12, 2019Yahoo Lifestyle features Nightlight family who adopts 15 year old

June 6, 2019Federalist explains policy inhibiting inter-country adoption

May 11, 2019Colorado governor honors Nightlight foster families

February 17, 2019New York Times explains Nightlight’s Pro-life position

November 27, 2018, The Federalist on how the U.S. State Department continues its cruel war on adoption agencies

September 27, 2018, NTi Global Podcast with guest Kimberly Tyson, Director of the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program

April 13, 2018, KMTV3 News features Snowflake® family 

January 31, 2018, Fox News article by Joy Villa and her pro-life choice

December 22, 2017, Christian News article featuring embryo adoptive family

December 5, 2017PBS story features our President and Snowflakes® family

August 9, 2017Listen to our President on Focus on the Family

June 24,2017, Herald-Reporter article features Loveland, CO Snowflakes® Program

June 18, 2017KWTX Waco Features Snowflakes® Family

May 14, 2017, State Journal-Register features Snowflakes® family

May 9, 2017Christian Post article about embryos being made into jewelry

April 3, 2017, Snowflakes® featured in Reuters Health

March 1, 2017Snowlfakes® Family featured on NBC News

February 24, 2017ST Louis Review features adoptive family

January 21, 2017,  World Magazine features Snowflakes® Family

January 19, 2017TBN’s Joy in Our Town features Nightlight’s President

November 3, 2016, features Snowflakes® family

October 1, 2016, ABC News in Waco features annual Gala and merger with Nightlight

September 1, 2016, Snowflakes® family featured on Fox News

June 21, 2016, Dr Dobson’s Family talk features Snowflakes® family

May 9, 2016New York CW News 11 features Snowflakes® family

May 4, 2016Chicago Tribune features Snowflakes® family

April 22, 2016, San Diego Union Tribune features Russian adoptee.

April 22, 2016, San Diego Union Tribune features Snowflakes® families.

December 3, 2015, CRUX features Snowflakes

November 23, 2015, The Daily Times features Snowflakes® Family

November 10, 2015, Snowflake Family Featured on Local ABC story

October 19, 2015, The Salt Lake Tribune features Snowflakes® Family

September 10, 2015Nightlight’s Rhonda Jarema writes about How to speak to children about adoption

August 13, 2015Radio segment from Hank Hanegraaff, the Bible Answer Man, about embryo adoption

August 4, 2015, Dallas Morning News features Snowflakes® Family

July 29, 2015, Dallas Morning News features Snowflakes Family

July 29, 2015Yahoo Health features Snowflakes® Families

July 19, 2015Snowflakes featured in CBN News

July 6, 2015Snowflakes featured in Dimples Magazine

July 4, 2015Arizona Daily Star features Snowflakes® Story

June 25, 2015Snowflakes Director Kim Tyson featured on WebMD broadcast

June 14,2015NPR features Snowflake® family

June 10, 2015, Fusion News Story on Snowflakes® Family

April 22, 2015, Fox News Snowflakes® Story

March 15, 2015Snowflakes® Donor Family featured in “The Stir” Blog

February 26, 2016, My Fox Houston features Snowflakes® Family

February 13, 2015, KWTX Our Town Texas News features Snowflakes Family

January 15, 2015KPRC Houston TV features Snowflake® Family

January 12, 2015Christian Post article on Snowflakes Embryo Donation

January 11, 2015USA Today features Snowflake® Family

December 28, 2014, You Get the Blessing Webcast about Snowflakes

November 17, 2014CBS World News features Snowflake® Family

November 17, 2014People Magazine features Snowflake® Family

November 17, 2014, Knoxville Channel 8 News features Snowflake Family

November 5, 2014Canada CBC News features Snowflake® Family

November 3, 2014, WLOS Television features Snowflake Family

October 30, 2014, WRIC Televsion features Snowflake® Family

October 26, 2014Snowflakes® featured in MORE magazine

October 19, 2014Snowflake® Family featured in

September 29, 2014, NY Times Motherlode Blog laments Russian Closure, cites Nightlight

August 6, 2014Kentucky Local News Story on International Adoptive Family

July 9, 2014, North Carolina local News story on Snowflakes

July 3, 2014Snowflakes Featured on Al Jazeera America

June 23, 2014Snowflakes Featured on CBN Christian Broadcasting Network

June 9, 2014Snowflake Family a Guest on New Day Northwest

June 2, 2014Snowflake Family in Colorado featured on CBS News

June 1, 2014Snowflakes featured in Asahi Japanese Newspaper

May 18, 2014Snowflakes Featured on Trinity Broadcast Network

May 4, 2014.  Snowflakes Embryo Adoption on Mom Talk Radio

April 25, 2014.  Dr. Phil enlists Nightlight’s help in adoption story

April 21, 2014Questions are Posed Over Remaining Embryos

March 9, 2014ABC features Snowflake Embryo Adoption family story

February 17, 2014Embryo Adoption Allows Infertile Couples To Experience Pregnancy

February 12, 2014Woodbury couple adopts embryo before pregnancy

February 3, 2014Daniel Nehrbass, Love and Attachment in NCFA’s Adoption Advocate

January 22, 2014Fox News focuses on Snowflakes efforts

January 22, 2014Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk features Snowflake Family

November 27, 2013, Statesman Journal article on Snowflakes

October 28, 2013, Independent Ireland article on Snowflakes®

October 25, 2013, World Magazine article on Snowflakes®

October 8, 2013The Telegraph article on Pro-lifers Adopting Spare Embryos

September 302013 Katie Couric Show features Snowflakes®

June, 2013Laura Godwin: Preparing Children for Adoption of a Sibling

March 4, 2013, Embryo Adoption: A Christian Option   

February, 12. 2013, 9 people you should know about who were adopted

January 23, 2013Voice of America features Nightlight Russian families

January 2, 2013, Orange County Register stories of Nightlight Russian families

December, 2012, Rhonda Jarema: Preparing Older Children for Adoption

October 1, 2012Public Service Announcement

August 1, 2012 – Snowflake program featured on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk

May 1, 2012 – ABC 7 features story of Snowflake embryo adoption

March 20, 2012– Snowflakes Announces 299th and 300th Snowflake Babies Born

March 19, 2012-Nightlight Christian Adoptions Hires New Director for California Office

March 10, 2012- Funding cut threatens Loveland-based program that encourages adoption of frozen embryos [PDF]

March 5, 2012 – Life News: Senators endorse Nightlight’s program

March 4, 2012Washington Times, Embryo Adoption Funding threatened

June 5, 2011 – NBC News features Nightlight’s 5K Run, Walk, Adopt

October 12, 2010 – Snowflake Program featured on CBN News

July, 2010 – Christianity Today Snowflake Article

July 20, 2010 – Baptist Press features Embryo Adoptions

May 4, 2010 – Nightlight adoptee featured in OC Register

January, 2010 – President Bush notes Nightlight in Decision Points

November 2009Excerpts from Congressional hearings about Embryo research with Snowflake family testimony

May 19, 2009 – ABC 13 features Snowflake Family

November 24, 2008 – ABC 7 features Snowflake Family

January, 2008Clearly Caring Magazine features Snowflake Family

May 7, 2007, OC Register Article on Snowflakes

May 24, 2005 – President Bush thanks Nightlight Christian Adoptions

September 17, 2004Nightlight Receives Angel in Adoption Congressional Award

September 25, 2002Billings Gazette features Snowflakes Family

August 22, 2002 – ABC features Snowflakes Donor Family

August 27, 2001 – National Review features Snowflakes® Donor Family

February 24, 2001New York Times features Snowflakes® Donor Family

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