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We believe every child deserves a loving family.

Healing Homes Foster Care Agency in California

Our purpose is to prepare foster families to care for vulnerable children and navigate the child welfare system. We support families in the safe placement and stability of children. We are a licensed foster resource family agency serving Orange and Riverside counties. We will guide and support you in every step of the foster care process.
Nightlight California Foster Family Agency Overview
Amber Ubovich, Foster Care Advocate
California has the largest number of children needing intervention from the foster care system. 52% of these children are reunified with their parents, 11% are sent to live with a relative or guardian and nearly 15% age out of the system. Foster families offer the support and stability a child needs in the time of uncertainty and transition.
Foster Care
Less than 25% of children entering the foster care system will be in need of an adoptive home. When adoption by relatives have been ruled out, the child’s foster family will have the opportunity to provide permanency through adoption.
Foster to Adopt
There is a large population of pre-adolescents & adolescents needing adoptive and foster families. These children desire a family and hope to become a part of a family before they become of legal age. Every year nearly 15% of teenagers in foster care “age out” of care, left to navigate early adulthood without the support, guidance or love of a stable family.
Foster Adoption
Foster parents come in many sizes and shapes. You may be single or married, rent or own your home, be with or without children. Most importantly, foster parents must possess commitment, a sense of humor, acceptance and adaptability. Nightlight’s most basic requirement is that you reside within a 50-mile radius of our licensed office located in Santa Ana, CA. If you reside outside of this radius, we’ll be more than happy to connect you to a reputable foster care agency in your area.
Foster Parents

Nightlight is your advocate in the California State foster care program.

Our California foster care staff consists of a dedicated team of professional foster care advocates, trained in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and Informed Trauma Care. It’s is our job to act as a support and resource for both children and families.
Our child welfare system depends on people like you stepping up to provide safe and loving homes for children in need. Let Nightlight be your guiding partner in your foster care and adoption journey.
The positive impact a foster parent has on a child’s life, whether for a few weeks or forever, contributes to that child’s future success.
Have you considered fostering a child but are fearful? Allow Nightlight to answer your questions and help you find empowerment, support and joy in your foster care journey.

How do I become a foster parent in California?

The process begins with one click. Submit an online inquiry and you will receive one-on-one, personalized guidance through our certification process.

  • Step #1: Complete the Nightlight online inquiry form.
  • Step #2: Complete Nightlight’s Application and attend an Orientation. You are invited to a private orientation meeting with Nightlight’s Program Manager. The orientation will cover in-depth what to expect, increase your knowledge of California dependency and court system, assess your eligibility and suitability for the program and allow you to ask as many questions as you need.
  • Step #3: Attend our Foster Care Pre-Certification Training. Our pre-certification training focuses on equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully parent a child in the foster care system.
  • Step #4: Complete the Home Study process. Becoming a foster parent requires you to submit specific documents and paperwork. At Nightlight you will have the ability to upload your documents directly to our computer system.   No need to mail them or provide us with physical copies! You will then meet with a Nightlight Social Worker in the convenience of your home. These interviews help us assess your strengths and identify the characteristics of a child what would best thrive in your home.
  • Step #5: Congratulations! You’re now eligible for placement of a child! Your availability and child preferences will be forwarded to Riverside and Orange County Social Services Agencies. Once we have a match for you to consider, we will provide you all the information available to you so that you may determine if this is the right match for your family.
“Let’s not talk about what it will cost US if we do foster care without also considering what it will cost these KIDS if we don’t.

Every child deserves a foster parent whose heart will break when they leave.”
Jason Johnson, author of Re-framing Foster Care

Foster Parent Training

Nightlight foster parent training is happening now! Please contact us to schedule your personal orientation.


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