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Will you become a foster parent for one foster child?

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Over 14,000 foster children live in the Georgia foster care system. They range in age from infant to age 21. Each of them needs a temporary or permanent, safe and loving placement.
Why does Nightlight value, support, and encourage reunification with a child’s biological family?
As a provider that offers both foster care and adoption services, we have the humble opportunity to witness the grief of family separation and the joy of restoration that is part of foster care. As a Christian private foster care agency, we believe that both reunification and adoption bring God glory. We also believe firmly in doing what is best for the child. We are all broken and need help at various times in our lives, and biological families are no different. We invite you to read more about the beauty of reunification from the foster parent perspective.
“Pro Foster Care Means Being Pro Bio Parents”“Five Things To Know About The ‘Fear Of Getting Too Attached'”
Nightlight will work with you, the foster child’s biological family and state caseworkers to support you while you provide security, guidance and love in your home. Foster parents are needed to help children in foster care remain in their local community.
Foster Care

The foster care system in Georgia is looking for foster parents willing to provide a safe and loving home to children in foster care. In particular GA is in need of foster parents open to the placement of older children (ages 8+), sibling groups, and kids with medical/special needs.

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Your advocate on the foster care journey

Nightlight is a private agency able to provide foster care services to families with a 75-mile radius of our office located in Athens, Georgia
Our professional and friendly staff provide emotional and spiritual support to foster parents and the foster kids placed in their home. Our smaller caseloads result in more personal service.
We partner with state agencies and community organizations to connect you with resources to help you provide the foster children in your care with the services needed for success.
We want to support your entire family to help you maintain and develop strong and healthy relationships while you nurture and guide your foster child.
Nightlight Georgia Foster Care Program Overview

How do I become a Georgia foster parent?

Nightlight guides you through with a step-by-step foster parent certification process.

  • Attend an information session. Nightlight will help you learn more about Georgia foster care. Click here to read through our program overview.
  • Complete an application. Your application will be reviewed for both the state and Nightlight eligibility requirements. Initial screenings, including background checks, will be completed. Applicants must meet all Safety and Quality Standards outlined by the state.
  • Attend state required education (IMPACT). Georgia requires 24-hours of in-person training focused on trauma, normative child development, state policies and regulations, and more.  The training is presented in manageable segments over several weeks.
  • Complete a Home Evaluation. This includes at least three visits with the family to assess their suitability to provide foster care and evaluate the physical safety standards of the home. The home study provider will discuss your matching preferences and help prepare you for your foster care journey.  The home study is submitted to Georgia DFCS for final approval.
  • Prepare for placement. When the state notifies Nightlight of foster children in need of placement, we will notify you. The urgency of the situation will determine how long you have to accept or deny the placement (immediately vs. 24-hours). Based upon your matching criteria you may wait from 1 week to 6 months for a placement.
“We worked with Nightlight because of your professionalism, but also because of your personal touch and the spiritual nature of your foster adoption agency. Your team really helped us navigate the steps towards becoming successful foster parents.”
Jessica and Anthony

Foster Parent Training

Our training calendar for 2024 is now available. Please check here to find a location near you!
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