Domestic Infant Adoption

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is dedicated to placing children in permanent homes with loving families.
For over 60 years, Nightlight has been providing counseling to parents facing pregnancy decisions to help them sort through the myths and truths about placing their child for adoption. If you are facing a pregnancy decision, please refer to our I’m Pregnant Pages to see how we can empower you to make a decision regarding your and your baby’s future that brings you peace.
“A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.”
Psalm 68:5

Why Choose an Open Adoption?

Provides answers to a child’s questions and minimizes feelings of abandonment and loss. An open adoption also eliminates the need for a child to fantasize about who their birth parents are and their reasons for choosing adoption.
How Does Openness Benefit The Child?
Comforts and encourages the birth parent by affirming their decision to place their child for adoption. An open adoption allows birth parents to witness the love and care their child receives throughout their life.
How Does Openness Benefit The Birth Family
Empowers the adoptive family as they raise their child, providing them with knowledge about their child’s history. An open adoption can reduce instances of anxiety and stress associated with the unknown for adoptive parents.
How Does Openness Benefit The Adoptive Family?

Adoption is a journey not a destination. We want to support you along the way.

Domestic Adoption Education

Our dedicated staff will equip you with the necessary tools to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Post Adoption Connection Center

We provide support to your entire family throughout your adoption and parenthood journey.
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Domestic Adoption At A Glance

Inquiry – Speak to a member of our domestic family team to have your questions answered

Application – Complete our online application

Orientation – One on One meeting with a domestic family team member to learn more about the program and what to expect on the journey

Home Study Education – Complete a home study assessment and required adoption education

Matching – Nightlight’s domestic team works to match you with an expectant or birth mother while offering support and encouragement during the wait

Placement & Finalization – Receive placement of a child and complete the required post-placement visits with your home  study provider before legally finalizing the adoption

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