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Completing Your Required Embryo Adoption Home Study

Every adoption requires a family evaluation/home study.

At Snowflakes we follow the best practices of adoption and therefore we require an adoption family evaluation/home study be completed by the adopting family. We believe the donor, adopter and children will benefit and are protected by the family evaluation/home study process. 

A family evaluation/home study consists of educational components, along with personal meetings with an agency professional and various background checks. A family evaluation/home study usually takes about 2-3 months to complete. Adopting families receive the education necessary for success in raising adopted children and communicating their child’s unique snowflake baby adoption journey in an appropriate and loving manner.

Donor embryo families have confidence that the adopting family has been appropriately evaluated and is a safe and loving family, a family willing to attempt to give life to each embryo placed into their care.

The cost for an adoption home study/family evaluation ranges from $2,000 to $3,500 depending on the agency you choose to provide you with services.

Snowflakes Family Evaluation


    Domestic Home Study using the adoption agency of your choice.

    • Snowflakes has an available list of non-Nightlight home study providers for families who desire a regular domestic home study and do not reside in a state with a Nightlight office location.


    • All new Snowflakes adopting families should speak with the Snowflakes Inquiry Specialist regarding the Snowflakes Family Evaluation program

    The Adoption Process


    Watch a series of 10 short videos from the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center that explain the embryo donation and adoption process.