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You can make a positive and lifelong impact in the life of a foster child

Foster Care Agency in South Carolina

Your Nightlight foster care team will encourage and guide you into becoming a successful foster parent. We’re here to be your advocate and help you navigate the child welfare system.

You can provide a temporary safe family setting for foster children. The need is great.  There are more than 4,000 children in foster care in South Carolina and less than 3,000 foster homes. Help give a foster child security, love and guidance


Foster children may become available for South Carolina foster adoption while being cared for by you as a foster parent. Permanent placement in your family is a possibility if no family members are able to adopt the child. 


The greatest foster adoption need is for children aged 9 and older and for sibling groups who desire to live together in a permanent family. There are many children in South Carolina foster care waiting for a home.


Nightlight helps you navigate the South Carolina foster care program

Nightlight Healing Homes Foster Care Advocates have small caseloads, enabling them to provide you with individual attention. We are an experienced team that will help you become established as a short-term foster parent, a respite foster home or a permanent foster adopting family.

Your foster care team will be available to help you become a successful foster parent.  We are here to listen, advocate, pray, encourage, and provide comprehensive training.

Our greatest need is for foster parents who are open to children aged 9-years and older. Children from all backgrounds and potentially sibling groups. 

Our emphasis is on training and supporting you to become a successful foster parent. We want to help you maintain a healthy family while caring and supporting the needs of your foster child. 

Lisa Richardson

How do I become a foster parent in South Carolina?

Steps to becoming a foster parent can seem complicated, but your Nightlight foster care team will guide you through the process. Here is an overview of the steps.

  • Meet the team. Schedule a time to speak with our staff to learn more about the foster care program. We can help you determine if foster care is a good fit for your family.
  • Complete an application. Nightlight staff will review your application to make sure you meet state requirements. South Carolina requires that foster parents are at least 21 years of age. You may rent or own a home, however you must have a separate bedroom for the child. Foster parents must also pass background checks and have adequate financial and emotional resources to meet the needs of the child.  
  • Foster Parent Orientation. Attend an orientation meeting with your Nightlight Foster Care Advocate. Complete the state required 14-hours of foster care training through Heartfelt Calling.
  • Home Study Completion. The home study includes in-depth interviews with you and with all members of your household. A home safety check will be completed by Nightlight and your home will be visited by the local Fire Marshall. The home study process helps us ensure we are finding the right fit for your family and that you are prepared for the journey ahead. 
  • Prepare for Your Child’s Arrival. Nightlight staff will contact you about referrals for children needing families. We desire for every child to matched with a family who meets the unique needs of the child. We will walk with you during this process, making sure to address your concerns and hopes for your family. We are available and ready to support you as needed.

“We have found every staff member we have had contact with to be amazing. The phrase ‘not all super-heroes wear capes’ comes to mind.  Thank you Nightlight for all you do for us and countless other families.”

Ethan and Anna

Foster Parent Training

Our training calendar for 2020 is now available. Please check here to find a location near you!


Adoption is a blessing, start your journey today.

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