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Will you provide stability and love for a child in foster care?
Our purpose is to prepare foster families to care for vulnerable children and navigate the child welfare system. We support families in the safe placement and stability of children.  We will guide and support you in every step of the foster care process.
Provide safety, structure, and a loving home for children and youth entering foster care. Work with a team of professionals pursuing the best outcome for each individual child, whether that be through the goal of reunification, or through adoption.
Foster Care

At any given time, there are over 12,000 children in Indiana who are free for adoption and waiting for a family.  Could you be a forever family for one of these children?   Consider the following children found on the Indiana Adoption Program.

Adopting from Foster Care | Indiana Adoption Program

Indiana's Adoptable Children

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We are your advocate in the Indiana foster care system.

Children throughout Indiana need committed, flexible, and supportive foster parents to help them through one of the most challenging times in their life. Our Healing Homes Foster Care Agency will help you understand the steps to become a foster parent. Children and youth are placed in foster care through no fault of their own and range between the age of 0-21 years old. The greatest need is for children over the age of 8, sibling sets and children with special needs. Healing Homes will assist with nationwide adoptive placements through our Adoption from Foster Care Program.
Our professional and friendly staff provide emotional and spiritual support to foster parents and the children or youth in their home. Our smaller caseloads result in more personal service.
We partner with state agencies and community organizations to connect you with resources to help you provide the foster children in your care with the services needed for success.
We want to support your entire family to help you maintain and develop strong and healthy relationships while you nurture and guide the foster child or foster youth in your home.
Nightlight Indiana Foster Family Agency Overview
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How do I become a foster parent in Indiana?

Becoming a foster parent may not be as complicated as you expect. Our team will guide you step-by-step through the foster parent certification process. Some of the steps are:

  • Connect with our staff. We’re here to help answer your questions! Contact us through email or phone so we can help you explore whether foster care is a good fit for your family. If you are ready to get started we will schedule a one-on-one orientation to talk through a more detailed over view of the foster system, and discuss your next steps.
  • Fill out an application. Your application will be reviewed for both the state and Nightlight eligibility requirements. Initial screenings, including background checks, will be completed on each person over the age of 18. The foster parents must have adequate financial, emotional and physical resources to meet the needs of the foster child.
  • Attend Foster Parent Training. Nightlight provides the required pre-certification training that focuses on trauma-informed caregiving and Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) techniques.
  • Complete a Home Study. The home study includes in-depth interviews with you and your family, along with an assessment of your house with an experienced staff member. This helps us ensure your family and home is the right match for specific children while we manage the matching process. This also helps us ensure that you’re adequately prepared for bringing a new child into your home.
  • Prepare for placement. Nightlight will contact you with the referrals for children as we receive them, and find them to be a match for your home. We want every child to be placed with the family that will best meet their unique needs and support them until permanency is decided by their team. We walk through the matching process together, discussing your concerns and hopes as you transition a new child into your home. We will be available and ready to support you along the way!


We were nervous and excited about the adoption process. We have faced many challenges trying to bring children into our family, and honestly learned to expect that things would go wrong. However, the professional, consistent communication from Nightlight has been a breath of fresh air.
Susan and Michael
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