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Your Colorado foster care team is here to help you navigate the Colorado state foster care system.  We have connections in each of the 64 Colorado counties to help you find the right placement as a Colorado foster parent.

Provide temporary care for children coming from unsafe situations. Work as a team with the child’s caseworker and biological family to safely return them home. Colorado needs another 1,200 foster homes to support the current need.


Children in the foster care system may become eligible for adoption while in your care. Foster parents are considered if the child’s biological family members are unable to care for him or her.


Be a forever family for a child who cannot return home to their biological family and is legally free for adoption. Foster for approximately six months until the adoption can be finalized. There are over 290 children in Colorado’s foster care legally free for adoption at any given time.


Two homes provide short-term care, between 30 to 90 days, for Adams County Colorado children in emergency foster care situations. These homes offer a safe haven so foster kids can remain in their community, school, and with their siblings until longer-term options are available.

Healing Homes is your advocate in the Colorado state foster care system.

Children living throughout Colorado need safe and loving homes. Our Colorado foster care agency program will help you know the steps to becoming a foster parent. Ranging from infants to age 21, some foster children need short-term homes while others need long-term care or even a permanent family.

You can rest assured that your Nightlight Foster Care Advocate will be available to help you become a successful foster parent.

Once we have a placement for you to consider, we send you all the information available to you to give you time to pray and determine if this is the right placement for your family

Our focus is on supporting all members and relationships within your family so you can maintain a strong and healthy family while nurturing and guiding your foster child.

Nightlight Colorado Foster Care Program Overview

Deborah Uber, Foster Care Support Specialist

How do I become a foster parent in Colorado?

It may not be as complicated as you expect.  We guide you step-by-step through the foster parent certification process.  Some of the steps are:

  • Meet the staff. Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one meeting with our foster team. Let us help you explore whether foster care is a good fit for you and your family.
  • Fill out an application. We’ll review to ensure you meet foster parent qualifications. To become a foster parent in Colorado, you must be at least 21 years of age. You may rent or own your home but you must have at least one extra bedroom for the child. You’ll need to pass background checks and have adequate financial, emotional, and physical resources to meet the child’s needs.
  • Attend Foster Parent Training. Nightlight provides the required pre-certification training that focuses on trauma-informed care giving and Trust Based Relational Intervention techniques.
  • Complete a Home Study. The home study includes in-depth interviews with you and your family and an assessment of your house with an experienced Nightlight staff member. This helps us ensure we’re finding the right fit for your family and that you’re adequately prepared for the journey ahead.
  • Prepare for Your Child’s Arrival. Nightlight will contact you about children needing families. We want every child to be placed with the family that will best meet their unique needs. We walk through the matching process together, discussing your concerns and hopes for your family. We’ll be available and ready to support you as your child enters your home!

We were nervous and excited about the adoption process. We have faced many challenges trying to bring children into our family, and honestly learned to expect that things would go wrong.  However, the professional, consistent communication from Nightlight has been a breath of fresh air.

Susan and Michael

Foster Parent Training

Our training calendar for 2020 is now available. Please check here to find a location near you!



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Adoption is a blessing, start your journey today.

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