Nightlight has sponsored and welcomed over 600 children during our twenty years of hosting (formerly known as orphan tours). These children have come from Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, China and Colombia. Hosting remain the most effective means of finding loving parents for waiting children. More importantly, they raise awareness about the needs of orphaned children, and invite the children to experience the love of a host family. Another added benefit of hosting is the cross-cultural experience that the children and the host families gain, and the goodwill created between the two countries. Hosting a waiting child from overseas is a rewarding and enlightening experience for everyone involved. Please consider participating in our upcoming hosting opportunities. Contact [email protected]


“Our process from start to finish was absolutely amazing!! The team was so supportive, helpful and thorough and we always felt like we were not only in good hands from a logistical standpoint but we had a team who was rooting for us and who was there for us 150%. We are an international family in a unique situation but the team did their homework and handled all our paperwork seamlessly. We feel so lucky to have found Nightlight and we will be eternally grateful to Renae, Natalie, Rhonda, Santiago and the rest of the team!” -Lentz Host-to-Adopt Family

“We have been extremely pleased with the support we have received as well as the overall kindness and helpfulness of everyone at Nightlight. Thank you for helping to bring our children home to us!”  -Mattox Host-to-Adopt Family

“Extremely satisfied. Well organized process. Specifically compared to other adoptive parents we met along the journey – we had an itinerary – they did not making the process like a black hole to them. From the start to the end of the process everyone has been friendly and patient with us.”  -Osorio Colombia Adoptive Family

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Please contact Alyssa to find out how you can host this December. We are currently partnering with Kidsave, a hosting organization, that is bringing waiting children from Colombia during December 2020. Please contact Alyssa to find out how you can host this December through our partnership.

As we receive photos and information on the children, we will add them to Adoption Bridge. Please create a login and choose “hosting” as location at that website. 

Congratulations to the U family! This adoptive family was reunited with the boy they hosted for their adoption process in Bogota! We are so happy P is now home in the US with his forever family!


If you reside in one of our home study service states and have already signed up to host with another organization, we can provide your mini-home study or psycho-social report. Our fee is $300-$500, depending on your location. Below is a list of states & contacts:

California – Amanda Schaffert
714.693.5437 x140 [email protected]

Colorado – Emily Keefer
970.663.6799 x202 [email protected]

Florida – Megan White
407.628.9051 x109 [email protected]

Georgia – Stephanie Craft
706.750.9119 x182 [email protected]

Indiana – Angela Simpson
502.423.5780 x176 [email protected]

Kentucky – Lindsay Jones
859.263.9964 x105 [email protected]

Missouri – Angie Thorn
636.7997.4100 x420 [email protected]

Oklahoma – Debbie Normura
918.491.6767 x138 [email protected]

South Carolina – Amy Eudy
864.268.0570 x119 [email protected]

Texas – Krista Bennett
254.741.1633 x321 [email protected]