Not Our Embryos to Keep

After considering their options, and with extensive prayer, the couple realized the embryos were not theirs to keep.

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Noel: Come and See What God Has Done

We want to help our families with remaining embryos choose a family to give birth to those embryos.

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Who Will Receive My Embryos?

When our twins were two, we felt we needed to face the hard decision of what to do with our remaining embryos. Then we heard about an embryo adoption program in California.

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Another Solution for Remaining Embryos

I said to my mom, "I think the best solution is to place our remaining embryos with another couple so they can fulfill their desire to be parents!"

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Lindsay and Rick's Story

s. They fell in love on the dance floor at the same friends’ wedding. In their wildest dreams, the couple never imagined they would struggle with infertility.

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Maybe I’m supposed to place my remaining embryos…

I wasn't prepared for the rush of emotions I experienced upon learning the news of her pregnancy,

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The easiest solution would have been to destroy them.

We realize it’s not the right choice for everyone.

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A very rewarding experience.

We knew we were making the right decision.

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