Who Will Receive My Embryos?

My husband and I were blessed with fraternal twins, a boy, and a girl, after our first in vitro cycle. We had nine remaining frozen embryos. When our twins were two, we felt we needed to face the hard decision of what to do with our remaining embryos. Then we heard about an embryo adoption program in California. We contacted the agency and started the paperwork and matching process for an adoptive family.

We chose an adoptive family who had struggled with infertility for nine years. They had the same morals and values we hold close to our family. They matched our criteria in every way. They also agreed to the same level of contact. We both wanted an open relationship, but not everyone does. You are matched with all criteria in mind.

Our adoptive family was able to achieve pregnancy on their first attempt, and now has one child who is almost five years old.

My husband and I have complete peace knowing we fulfilled the parental responsibility of our nine embryos. One child was born, but all nine were given a chance at life. We are so blessed to see how this situation was used to give another couple the desire of their heart.

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