Embryo Adoption 101

  It is also a beautiful way for adoption-hearted families to bring a child or children into their home by providing them with an opportunity for life. Let's explore the basics of embryo adoption through the Snowflakes program: The general idea Embryo adoption involves the transfer of embryos donated by couples or individuals who have […]

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Is Embryo Transport Safe?

The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program is able to coordinate the transport of your embryos to the referral clinic of your choice.   You may be thinking, “Embryos are fragile! Is it safe to ship them from one IVF lab to another?”   The short answer, yes. The long answer, embryo transports are closely monitored, shipped […]

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Celebrating the Birth of Snowflake Baby #1000!

In 1997, John and Marlene had a desire to have children. When they decided to pursue adopting a couple’s frozen embryos, they did not expect to create a new form of adoption that would take the world by storm. Hence the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program was born. And 25 years later, we have celebrated the […]

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Why is Embryo Donation a Type of Adoption?

Did you know that embryo adoption has existed for 25 years? National Adoption Month is recognized in November, where adoption agencies and families celebrate the beauty of adoption. However, embryo adoption is often overlooked. Why is it not considered a form of adoption even though thousands of families have participated in it for years? Embryo […]

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Embryo Adoption Grants & Scholarships

Starting the embryo adoption journey through the Snowflakes program can be very exciting, but the financial component can take people by surprise. So, how can you pay for your embryo adoption? Adopting embryos does indeed have a cost, but the good news is that there are grants, scholarships, and loans out there that can help […]

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What if we are Catholic...can we still pursue embryo adoption?

"We are solving a problem that already exists." This is the simple answer we give for why embryo adoption is permissible, even if one has reservations about in vitro fertilization.  In fact, since embryos are human beings, then not only is embryo adoption permissible: it is actually obligatory! The Catholic Church takes a firm stance […]

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Season of Giving

Christmas is a time of excitement. Stores are bustling, shoppers are busy, and there is a sense of anticipation in the air as we prepare for the holidays with friends, family, food, and gift-giving. In the back of your mind, you think again about your frozen embryos sitting in storage… Is this the season to […]

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Gestational Carriers and Embryo Adoption

Surrogacy for pregnancy and gestational carriers seem to often be a trending topic online. We all know that social media can be a source of very helpful connections and information, but it is not always the best source of truth. Here are some of the myths surrounding surrogacy/gestational carriers and embryo adoption that we have […]

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Is 2021 Your Year to Donate?

  The turn of a new year tends to bring about themes of renewal, fresh starts, decision making, and conquering goals. For those of you who have found yourself at the end of your IVF journey, you may have come face to face with the decision this past year of what is to be done […]

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Help Nightlight Christian Adoptions Win $20K!

Have you heard?! Nightlight has been chosen as one of 30 finalists in Comcast’s Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs contest! We need your help to be chosen as a one of six Grand Prize Winners that will win $20,000! We entered the contest to gain funding that can help make the process of adopting easier for potential […]

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