February 27, 2023

Celebrating the Birth of Snowflake Baby #1000!

In 1997, a couple facing infertility harbored a strong desire for children.

Little did they know that their decision to adopt a couple's frozen embryos would lead to the creation of a groundbreaking form of adoption—the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program. Now, 25 years later, we joyfully celebrate the arrival of our 1,000th baby!

In 2012, Rodney and Mary Leah, facing the realization that natural conception was not possible, embarked on a journey to build their family. During that same year, another couple they had never met created embryos through their IVF treatment--embryos they later placed for adoption. Despite seven attempts at IVF, with only one transfer and no pregnancies, Rodney and Mary Leah discovered embryo adoption in 2020 through the success of family friends.

Their first embryo match in 2021 resulted in a pregnancy, but sadly, a miscarriage occurred at the eight-week mark. With no remaining embryos, they returned to the Snowflakes Program, transferring two embryos and successfully becoming pregnant with twins.

Snowflakes babies #1000 and #1001

Born on December 23rd, 2022, after being frozen for ten years, Dalton Rice and Mary Elizabeth became Snowflakes Babies #1,000 and #1,001.

As an organization, we express deep gratitude to our donors who chose life for their embryos, to our adoptive couples for their dedication to these frozen lives, and to our referral fertility clinics for spreading the word about this unique form of adoption. Thanks to your efforts, embryo adoption is gaining recognition as a family-building method.

The milestone of 1,000 babies born from frozen embryos is truly incredible. We acknowledge the blessings received by our staff and ministry in the mission of bringing frozen embryos out of storage and into loving families. Rodney and Mary Leah aspire that the birth of Dalton and Mary Elizabeth will inspire others to consider adopting embryos waiting to be born.

If you are interested in embarking on your own embryo adoption journey, call us at (970) 578-9700, and let us assist you in building your family!

Here's to Snowflakes Baby #2,000!

For more information on embryo adoption or donation, visit Snowflakes.org.

By Karli Adams


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