November 14, 2023

Why Embryo Donors Should be Celebrated!


If you have ever had children, you know what a gift they are to your family. Yet there are thousands who struggle with infertility issues year after year. Couples who longed for the laughter of a child in their home found their answer in embryo adoption. Of course, this would not be possible without the amazing individuals who become embryo donors.

Once a couple has completed their family through the miracle of IVF, they often find they have remaining embryos. At first, they may not know what to do, but once they hear of how they can give these little ones an opportunity at life, while helping another couple on their journey to parenthood, they are moved to place their remaining embryos for adoption. They appreciate the lives they have created, while also feeling for others who have not been so fortunate.

The loving and thoughtful parents then begin the process to find adopting parents for the remaining embryos. These parents set aside any apprehension they may feel for the greater good. Recalling the rollercoaster ride of emotions, they experienced when wanting a baby yet encountering an unexpected struggle trying to make it a reality. All the time, dreaming of parenthood, while wondering if their dreams would never come true. These considerate parents then work with an agency to find just the right couple to adopt these little ones, leaving a legacy of hope and healing.

These placing parents should be praised for blessing others with their good favor and sharing this incredible gift of love and life. Therefore, let’s celebrate them for it’s the perfect time to give thanks for those who place their remaining embryos for adoption, as November is National Adoption Month.

Perhaps you are done building your family. Do you have remaining embryos that you are no longer able to bring to term for one reason or another?

Make a difference this November, and create your own legacy. Help someone build their family by giving your gift of life to another. Join the celebration and experience the appreciation for yourself. Either way, do not let the time go by without taking a step to bring life to your embryos. Give the gift of love this November and become someone to celebrate during national adoption month.

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