November 14, 2023

Why Embryo Donors Should be Celebrated!

If you've experienced the joy of having children, you understand the precious gift they bring to your family.

However, for thousands facing infertility challenges year after year, the dream of laughter in their homes becomes a struggle. For these couples, the answer often lies in the heartwarming option of embryo adoption, made possible by the remarkable individuals who choose to become embryo donors.

After completing their family through the marvel of IVF, many couples find themselves with remaining embryos. Initially unsure of what to do, they learn about the opportunity to offer these potential lives a chance at existence, all while aiding another couple on their path to parenthood. Moved by the desire to give these little ones an opportunity for life, these generous parents choose to place their remaining embryos for adoption. They cherish the lives they've created while empathizing with others who haven't been as fortunate.

These compassionate and considerate parents embark on the journey to find adopting parents for the remaining embryos, setting aside any apprehensions for the greater good. Drawing from their own emotional rollercoaster of wanting a baby and unexpectedly facing struggles, they understand the dreams of parenthood and the uncertainty that comes with it. Working with an agency, these thoughtful parents carefully select the right couple to adopt these embryos, leaving a legacy of hope and healing.

Let's commend these placing parents for bestowing others with their generosity and sharing the incredible gift of love and life. As November marks National Adoption Month, it's the perfect time to express gratitude for those who place their remaining embryos for adoption.

If you've completed building your family and have remaining embryos that cannot be brought to term, consider making a difference by creating your own legacy.

Help others build their family by giving the gift of life to another.

Join the celebration and experience the profound sense of appreciation for yourself. Don't let the opportunity pass without taking a step to bring life to your embryos. Give the gift of love this November and become someone to celebrate during National Adoption Month.

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By Jen Grams


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