December 11, 2023

The Season of Giving

Is this the season to bestow the ultimate gift of family through embryo donation?

The holiday season ushers in a wave of excitement, with bustling stores, busy shoppers, and a palpable sense of joy as we prepare for festive celebrations with friends, family, delectable food, and the delight of gift-giving. Amidst this holiday cheer, a lingering thought arises—your frozen embryos in storage.

You might be grappling with the dilemma of surplus embryos from IVF, and the notion of discarding or donating them to science no longer feels like the right path. Fortunately, alternative options exist, such as entrusting them to another family. The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program offers a pathway for families to extend the gift of their remaining embryos to another, enabling them to realize their own dreams of family, just as you did. After all, the initial purpose of creating those embryos was to bring forth life—a living, breathing baby. You can still choose life for your embryos.

Christmas serves as a poignant reminder of the paramount importance of family and kindness. The joy on the faces of loved ones as they unwrap a gift often surpasses the satisfaction of receiving a gift oneself. Embryo donation through Snowflakes empowers you with the ability to select the family that will receive the precious gift of your embryos. Make the choice to give the greatest gift of all—LIFE—not only to another family but also to the embryos you created.

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By Amber Ubovich


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