Our genetics led us to Snowflakes Embryo Adoption

How could we avoid pass them along to our kids? Snowflakes!

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We thought it was worth exploring further…

We called to learn more and ask questions about the program. The Snowflakes team member gave us the confidence we needed to move forward – plus the compassion and kindness she showed to us helped us feel that Snowflakes was the right path for us.

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With perseverance and a little help, a baby

Snowflakes’ “placing families” choose the adoptive parents, then those parents can say yes or no to the match.

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Snowflakes Babies #1,000 & #1,001

Rodney and Mary Leah Miller couldn't conceive naturally. After six rounds of failed IVF, they learned about embryo donation through friends. They now have twins through embryo adoption, and wish they had known about it sooner.

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Neither of us had ever heard of embryo adoption.

I’m so grateful for our embryo donors and the path that brought us together.

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We felt like we had exhausted all of our options

After three years of trying everything from pills to injections, an IUI, dozens of supplements, acupuncture, and two rounds of IVF...

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Discovering a world we didn’t know existed

This has been an amazing journey that brought us a wonderful child.

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We never imagined the ten years of obstacles…

Son, when you get older we pray that you will be proud to share your amazing miracle story with others to give them hope and so they can learn about Nightlight and the wonderful Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program.

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Our Embryo Adopted Twins Are a Gift

We are so thankful to our embryo donor family and to the amazing staff of Nightlight Christian Adoptions!

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No to IVF, Yes to Embryo Adoption

Instead of pursuing IVF we decided to answer someone else’s question: “What will become of our still-frozen embryos now that our family is complete?”

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