Discovering a world we didn’t know existed

Right from the beginning of our married life, we started trying to bring children into our family. Everything was going joyfully, and our life flowed smoothly with work, friends, relatives, and travel. However, the children were not coming. In the first two years of marriage, we weren't too worried about the fact that the children had not arrived yet. However, at some point we realized something was wrong and we started to do some medical tests to understand any issues we had with fertility.

The doctors said everything was okay for both of us. At 42 years old, a job offer came from California and we decided to move to the USA from Italy. Once in the USA, a doctor suggested we try IVF. When it didn’t work, we decided to not proceed further. We felt that was not our path, and that God had something else in mind for us. In parallel, we looking into information on adoption in both the USA and Italy.

During our research, we came across embryo adoption and the Snowflakes Program; discovering a world we didn't know existed. After more research, we decided embryo adoption was our path. We had always been open to traditional adoption, but when we learned that embryo adoption existed, something just clicked and felt right for us. We wanted to experience pregnancy and birth. Embryo adoption seemed like such an interesting and unexplored path to parenthood. We liked the idea of being a part of an amazing and exciting adoption program. These embryos deserve an opportunity to grow, live and be loved. As we read in an interview: “Man can put the pieces of science together to form an embryo and freeze it, but God puts life and soul into these children, just as He does with any other child.”

In February 2021 we started our journey with the Snowflakes Program. We started with the completion of our home study, then we waited for a match and we prayed a lot. Fortunately, one day a precious family chose us as an adoptive family for their 6 embryos. We were so excited and full of joy for this opportunity. We started the medications early and we proceeded to thaw three embryos. Unfortunately, one embryo didn't survive the thaw and the other two continue to grow. We didn't give up. We took time to grieve and prepared for another transfer with the three remaining embryos. On May 17th, 2022, we had our second transfer of two embryos. On June 22nd, we discovered we were pregnant with our baby boy. Happiness, gratitude, hope, joy, faith; we felt an explosion of feelings that we cannot describe. This has been an amazing journey that brought us a wonderful child. The plan of God is now clear. He accompanied us along the way and He will continue to be with our family throughout our lives.

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