The Love of God in Adoption

I am convinced that as Christians grow in their understanding and experience of God's love for them as adopted children, then passion for adopting children and visiting orphans in their affliction (James 1:27) will increase within the church. This is one main reason that Carolina Hope cares so much about communicating the truth of God's […]

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Meet David Esaú: Waiting Child from Guatemala

One of the ways that Carolina Hope seeks homes for orphans from Guatemala is through photolisting - that is, placing an orphan's photo and name (along with a few other pieces of information) on our website and at another photolisting website, I'll post more about photolisting at some other time (it's a controversial practice), […]

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Adoption: No Better Way to Understand Christianity

How important is the doctrine of uppercase Adoption (i.e. God adopting us)? If you are passionate about lowercase adoption (i.e. couples adopting children), this is an important question to answer. The importance of uppercase Adoption establishes the importance of lowercase adoption. Here's what J. I. Packer has to say about the question: "You sum up […]

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The Life of Adoption

One of my primary responsibilities at Carolina Hope is to explore and articulate the beautiful connection between uppercase Adoption (i.e. God's adoption of us) and lowercase adoption (i.e. our adoption of a child). We believe that the more we understand the ways in which these two forms of adoption are connected the more our experience […]

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DOS Notice on 2nd DNA Test

The Joint Council on International Children's Services has issued the following notice about the second DNA test now being required for children adopted from Guatemala. As the notice states, the new requirement will be implemented for cases submitted to the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala on or after August 6, 2007. This notice answers some of […]

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Christian Faith and Christian Adoption

It has been my experience that many people do not really begin thinking about adoption theologically until they themselves are involved in adopting (or at least considering adopting) a child. Very often, the consideration to adopt a child precedes the consideration of the truth that God has graciously adopted us to be His children. So […]

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2nd DNA Test for Guatemala Adoptions

[This post was updated August 2, 2007. The update appears at the end of the original text.] The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City is introducing a second DNA test, this one to be done before a visa will be issued to the adopted child. This child's DNA sample will be sent to the U.S. lab […]

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Carolina Hope Launches Adoption Blog

Carolina Hope is pleased to announce the creation of its new blog: From Hope to Reality. This blog is the brainchild of Dan Cruver, Carolina Hope's new Ministry Outreach Coordinator. Two weeks ago, starting a blog was the last thing on anyone's mind. But with Dan's arrival and my transition (I'm now focusing almost exclusively […]

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