April 30, 2024

What Makes Snowflakes Different From Other Embryo Donation and Adoption Agencies?

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Here at Snowflakes Embryo Adoption, we have developed a unique donation and adoption program for families that have remaining embryos. We are committed to these precious lives and making sure that each one is adopted intoloving families. With over 50 years of experience in building families, we have developed several resources available for donors and adopting families to encourage a smooth, swift, and successful process.

Unlike traditional adoption agency programs, we keep genetic siblings together by making sure all embryos from a donor family are placed into  the same adoptive family. Additionally, we encourage  families to stay connected through open contact and communication agreements. Through the Snowflakes Program, embryo donors are able to select the family who receives their embryos using a personal and thorough matching process. We handle all aspects of the donation process and guarantee FDA compliance while coordinating clinic communications. We have the best interests of the children at heart by prioritizing their future and supporting the embryo donors and adopting parents every step of the way!

Let's get into the details of the unique benefits we offer.


The Benefits of the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program

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Keeping Families Together.

The Snowflakes Program is dedicated to keeping genetic siblings together, by avoiding the practice of dividing embryos among multiple families like many fertility clinics and embryo-placing services will do. This approach supports the well-being of the children and promotes familial connections. Because we are so dedicated to keeping siblings and families connected, we don’t charge additional fees for receiving sets of embryo siblings.


Giving You a Voice.

Our staff and team of experts is committed and passionate about listening to your needs and understanding your preferences when it comes to finding an adoption match. We enable donors to select an adopting family for their embryos. The adoptive family, who also has the option of accepting the match, will receive a comprehensive medical history of the embryo donors that spans three generations. You can be assured that the match is based on the preferences that align with your desires.


No Surprise or Hidden Fees.

Not only do we strive for low-cost services but our program fee covers all services, which are outlined in a single comprehensive document, making the program costs easy to understand. There is no confusion regarding fees through our adoption program. Our dedicated and experienced team handles everything so that you won’t be surprised by any hidden or additional costs.


Ensuring FDA Compliance.

We handle all legal requirements for embryo donation, including ensuring FDA compliance and collecting documentation from your fertility clinic, simplifying the process for embryo donors. Additionally, we offer affordable storage options if you're not yet ready to donate. Our clear contracts will help you relinquish all rights and responsibilities to children born from your embryo donation.


You Won’t Need to Wait Long.

The Snowflakes Program operates without waiting lists for embryo matches. By promptly fulfilling your program obligations and initial documentation, you can accelerate the process of finding a match. For both families, the matching phase takes less than five months on average.


Communication is Key. 

We highly encourage open communication between placing and adopting families. Communication is paramount for the well-being of all parties involved, including children and adults. When needed, we facilitate communication between families aiming to establish direct relationships. This platform for communication also allows accessibility for potential medical emergencies in the future.

If you’ve been considering embryo adoption or donation, get in contact with us today and explore all the resources you need on our other pages.

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