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Embryo donor families are drawn to the program because Snowflakes follows an open adoption model. What does open adoption mean exactly? Why is it important?

The most important aspect of open adoption is the children. The embryo donor’s children and the children who will be born into your adopting family. Open adoption allows you to establish a mutually agreed upon level of communication for the future. Open adoption allows important medical information to be communicated when necessary. Open adoption provides the adopted child the right to understand their genetic origins.

This Communication May Be:

  • Direct communication with one another
  • Mediated communication
  • Email (directly or anonymously)
  • Private websites or Facebook accounts

Open adoption helps the child to have access to their story without shrouding it in secrecy. We have many educational webinars on the subject of open adoption and benefits everyone involved in the adoption.

Family Stories

Open Relationships


An embryo adoption model encourages the development of relationships between the embryo donor and the embryo adopter families. Why? It is in the best interest of the children born into both families from the same set of embryos.