Snowflakes was created to help families with remaining embryos have choices.

Are you looking to open your heart to embryos who need of a forever home? We are looking for adoptive families for our Open Hearts Program!

It is our belief that embryo donors should have the opportunity to select a family who receives their embryos.

Snowflakes empowers them to choose a family, a family who has been vetted by the adoption home study. A family they can develop a relationship with over time. After all, they have children they love and care for today who were likely born from this same set of remaining embryos.

The matching phase of the Snowflakes process first examines the desires of the embryo donors. Both you and the embryo donors will provide our Snowflakes team with a list of preferences in family matches. You will develop a family profile which will be used to introduce your family to the embryo donors.

How Are Matches Determined

  • Length of marriage
  • Faith
  • Children in home
  • Financial stability
  • Education
  • Number of desired children
      … and more

The team will review both your preferences and the preferences of our placing families and determine if a particular family is a good potential match for you. You will receive the placing family’s profile to review.  After you give this family consideration, if you like the family, it’s a match! Your embryologist will also have an opportunity to review the embryology report on your remaining embryos.

When the match is deemed acceptable by both families you move into the contracts phase of the process.

Building Relationships

Open adoption relationships may seem scary at first. Almost every new relationship has some elements of uncertainty. Watch and listen to the ways these two families overcame their personal fears and established friendships that will last a lifetime.
“We created our embryos with the intent of giving them life, but we weren’t the ones who would be able to give them life.” Rebecca Henderson, Placing Parent