Explaining Embryo Adoption to Your Patients Speaking to Your Patients about Embryo Donation through Snowflakes Snowflakes are Falling What is Infertility Understanding the Cost Providing Patients Each Option and Every Hope Embryo Donation- How Does it Work Embryo Adoption vs. … Read More

Books about Embryo Adoption

Books for Parents-to-Be Whether you are first learning about embryo adoption and want to read more, or you’ve got an embryo adopted child of your own, we hope these books will encourage and inspire.   Frozen, But Not Forgotten By Nate … Read More

Embryo Adoption Webinars

People always ask us to recommend resources to help them on their journey of exploring embryo donation and adoption.  The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, a division of Nightlight, hosts educational webinars each month which are then archived for you to … Read More


Whether you have questions about how to adopt or donate embryos through the Snowflakes Program or if you just heard about it and aren’t even sure yet what to ask, we have answers! You are always welcome to call and … Read More

Adopter Resources

The Benefits of Choosing Open Adoption There is much fear and uncertainty regarding choosing an open adoption plan. Listen as the two couples tell their open adoption story and the steps they purposefully made to build trust and love into … Read More

Remaining Embryo Donor Resources

Webinar Resources to Help Placing Parents Are You Ready to Let Go of Your Embryos? The Extended Family Tree: Talking with your kids about IVF and genetic siblings Starting Up Healthy Communication with Adopting Families Snowflakes Families Talk About Building … Read More

Learning Resources

Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Learning Resources There are currently well over 1,000,000 embryos in frozen storage in the United States. Our goal is to help families with remaining embryos choose life for them and to guide other families through the exciting … Read More

Additional Resources

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