March 27, 2024

Three Common Questions You May Get if You're Pursuing Adoption Through Snowflakes


You have recently embarked on a unique journey to expand your family through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program! This path not only assists embryo donor families by offering a solution for their remaining embryos, but also grants you the opportunity to nurture and welcome an adopted child into your family. Experiencing the joys (and challenges!) of pregnancy and childbirth along the way.

As you share your journey with friends and family, you may encounter question that, while well-intentioned, can sometimes catch you off guard or come across as insensitive. Remember, just as you once were new to the concept of embryo adoption, others are starting from a similar place.

Here are three common questions you might encounter about embryo adoption through Snowflakes and suggestions on how to address them:

  1. "Do you not want ‘your own’ kids?"

The phrasing "your own kids" can be hurtful, though it often stems from a lack of understanding rather than malice. If a family member poses this question, they may not have processed their feelings regarding their genetic lineage.

It is essential to acknowledge your child, whether biological or adopted, as unequivocally yours. Emphasize the love and care you will provide to your adopted child, highlighting the thoughtful decision made by the donor family and your commitment to parenting.

  1. "Can 'the other family' take the baby back?"

Those asking this question may be drawing parallels with domestic adoption or foster care, where birth parents retain rights even after placement. Assure them that embryo adoption offers a high level of legal security. Upon birth, the woman who gives birth is recognized as the mother, providing a firm foundation for the placement. Legal contracts signed during donation process establish legal ownership, ensuring stability and finality.

  1. "Can you really call this adoption?"

Absolutely! Embryo adoption involves a comprehensive process akin to traditional adoption, including adoption home studies, legal agreements, and communication agreements with the embryo donor family. By adhering to these practices, you are embracing the essence of adoption—welcoming a child into your family with love and commitment, irrespective of genetic ties.

While these are among the most common inquiries encountered during an embryo adoption journey with Snowflakes, remember that each conversation is an opportunity for education and understanding. Your confidence in explaining your decision will help others comprehend and respect your choice to grow your family in this unique way.

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By Karli Adams

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