Open Adoption is Encouraged

  • For over 60 years Nightlight has been finding loving families for children.
  • We are a child-centered adoption agency and we believe in the open adoption model when placing kids for adoption.
  • Open adoption results in children who are secure in their identity and confident about their future.
  • The Snowflakes program includes:
    1. obtaining and preparing placing families
    2. matching donors and adopters with similar desires
    3. ensuring FDA compliance
    4. coordination of clinic communications and shipping
    5. proven and secure legal documentation
  • 50 Benefits You Receive When You Choose SNOWFLAKES

View our infographic to help you visualize the embryo donation process

Donated Embryos are not Distributed Among Multiple Families

  • The Snowflakes placing embryo family gives all of their remaining embryos to one adopting family.
  • This enables genetic siblings to live and thrive in fewer families, and in families where their existence is known.
  • Contact and communication are available for potential future medical emergencies.
  • Fertility clinic donation programs will frequently anonymously divide a genetic sibling donation of embryos among multiple recipient patients. No information about the birth of resulting children is provided.
  • The Snowflakes program charges no additional fees for keeping embryo sibling groups together.

Working with a Fertility Clinic.

  • Since its inception, Snowflakes has worked nearly all of the 400+ fertility clinics in the United States.
  • Because of our experience in working with fertility clinics located throughout the U.S., we can help you move through the process more quickly.
  • Some adopting families choose to travel to the clinic where you, the placing family, had your embryos created and where your embryos are in storage.
  • Snowflakes partner fertility clinics ensure our adopting families with a safe, experienced and friendly clinic as a critical part of their embryo adoption experience.

There are no fees* for donating your embryos when you complete necessary documents promptly.

In order to help you get your embryos placed in a timely manner, we ask new placing parents to complete all of their initial documentation within two (2) months. On average, placing parents are able to complete the documents within 4-6 weeks. The reward for completing your documents in a timely manner? Snowflakes will pay for your FDA required infectious disease testing. If you are unable to complete your documents within two (2) months, you will be responsible for the cost of infectious disease testing.

Most embryo adoption costs*are covered by the adoptive family. Storage fees for the embryos will continue to be paid by the placing parents until the embryos are transferred by legal contract to the adopting family.

* There is a fee for placing families who only have 1 or 2 remaining embryos. Why? Because sets of 1 or 2 embryos are more difficult to match with our average adopting family who is interested in adopting 5-7 embryos. Snowflakes often matches two placing families who have 1 or 2 embryos each with one adopting family. We do this so the placing family will achieve a match more quickly and to provide the adopting family with the number of embryos they desire. Please contact us to learn more about your options.

Interested in donating embryos?

Our Embryo Donation Inquiry Specialist, Jen, is available to answer your questions and get you started on your embryo adoption journey.

Jen Grams, Snowflakes Placing Parent Inquiry Specialist

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