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What is Embryo Adoption?

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When couples use in vitro fertilization to achieve pregnancy, they will often have embryos remaining after they complete their family. One option available to them is to donate their embryos to another family through embryo adoption. That family could be you. You could experience pregnancy, parenthood, and family through the miracle of embryo adoption.

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“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”
Jeremiah 1:5
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Why Embryo Adoption?

"In the intricate design of each flake of snow, we find the Creator reflecting the individual human heart."

At Snowflakes, we believe life begins at conception. A successful embryo adoption results in the birth of a child, who is not genetically related to her adopting family. This is adoption.

Snowflakes Embryo Adoption follows the best practices of adoption.

  • For over 60 years, Nightlight Christian Adoptions has been finding loving families for children through domestic infant, international, foster-care, and embryo adoption.
  • Nightlight is a child-centered adoption agency. We believe in the open adoption model when placing any child into an adoptive family.
  • Open embryo adoption results in children who are secure in their identity and confident about their future.
  • Children are adopted into loving families, not donated.
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