December 9, 2020

Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

What childhood memories come to mind during this time of year? For me, it's the cherished moments of family gatherings, the joy of giving and sharing gifts, the spirit of blessing those less fortunate, and the simple pleasure of watching snow gently fall. The landscape transformed into a breathtaking scene as each snowflake contributed its unique beauty.

In the spirit of the season, I recall cutting out snowflakes, embellishing them with glitter, and using these creations to bring a touch of sparkle to my daily life. Have you ever engaged in the tradition of cutting out snowflakes to decorate for the winter season? Interestingly, there's a designated day for this activity every year known as "Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day," celebrated on December 27th. It's fascinating to think that people worldwide are crafting their own distinctive paper snowflake cutouts.

While many associate snowflakes solely with winter, the term holds another meaning—one that resonates with themes of love, hope, and happiness. Did you know there's a different type of snowflake that remains frozen yet inspires excitement throughout the year?

These are the snowflakes that exist as frozen embryos, with over a million estimated in the U.S. alone. Ponder the idea of a million frozen snowflakes—it's quite a remarkable number! The term "Snowflakes" to describe frozen embryos was introduced by Nightlight Christian Adoptions, a company involved in various adoption types, including embryo adoptions. Nightlight played a pivotal role in initiating the concept of embryo adoption in the United States.

But what is embryo adoption? Couples who expand their family through in vitro fertilization (IVF) sometimes find themselves with more embryos than needed. Once their family is complete, these couples may choose to place their remaining embryos for adoption. It's a beautiful gift for adopting couples, providing them with the chance to experience pregnancy and create a family of their own, thanks to the kindness of the embryo donor family.

As we embrace the holiday season of love and goodwill, let's take a moment to contemplate the million or more embryos eagerly waiting to be born. Perhaps you may have embryos you'd like to place for adoption, or maybe you're someone seeking to adopt embryos and embark on the journey of parenthood, welcoming a new baby into your home—each one bringing its own unique sparkle.

written by Jen Grams

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