Good news for our Guatemala families

At the end of last week we had the very great joy of sending out the following message from Assistant Director Lisa Prather: I am writing to let everyone know that our last Carolina Hope baby came home from Guatemala this week.  I'm so happy to be able to say that every child is home […]

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Hepatitis A vaccinations: new recommendations related to international adoption

Reported by AP on February 25, 2009. (I can't find the actual recommendation online -- if you do, please let me know, and I'll post it.) ATLANTA (AP) - A federal advisory panel is recommending hepatitis A vaccinations for everyone who has close contact with children adopted from countries where hepatitis A is common. That […]

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John Stossel on US intervention in the Guatemala adoption system

Over at the conservative website, John Stossel (formerly of 20/20) writes an eyebrow-raising piece called USA Makes Adoption Harder. I want to be very clear that some of Stossel's statements make me uncomfortable, and this is not an endorsement of Stossel's article. But much of what he says is a simple reality, however unpopular […]

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USCIS: Guatemala adoption law update

Yes, it's old news now (six-days old!), but I wanted to pass along this notice from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services about the current status of Guatemala adoptions and adoption law. This press release is available from the USCIS website as a PDF. USCIS Update January 25, 2008 USCIS ANNOUNCES NEW GUATEMALAN ADOPTION LEGISLATION Intercountry […]

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Department of State issues Guatemala adoption warning

On January 11 the U.S. Department of State issued a warning (dated January 9) about the status of Guatemala adoptions. (As mentioned in a previous post, Carolina Hope has put its Guatemala adoption program on hold pending new standardized procedures for adoptions in Guatemala. Of course, cases registered under the old system are still being […]

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Guatemala 5000 update: status of transitional adoption rules

Today the Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS) issued an update regarding its Guatemala 5000 initiative: Joint Council Update Program: International Relations Initiative Date: January 14, 2008 Regarding: Guatemala 5000 Dear Colleagues, As part of our ongoing Guatemala 5000 Initiative, Joint Council has maintained dialogue with USDOS and USCIS and met with them most […]

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Guatemala adoption legislation update

This morning the Joint Council on International Children's Services issued the following announcement about newly proposed adoption legislation in the Guatemalan congress. Although this legislation hasn't passed, this is a good step in the right direction, and it's encouraging to adoption agencies and adoptive families. More importantly, it's good news for Guatemalan children in need […]

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Guatemala 5000: U.S. Congressional letters available to view

The Joint Council on International Children's Services has posted copies of the letters sent by the U.S. Congress to Guatemalan President Oscar Berger and to UNICEF. If you participated in lobbying your congressmen to sign the letters, thank you. The announcement (and link) from JCICS are below. Dear Colleagues, Joint Council has posted copies online […]

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Guatemala 5000: U.S. Congressional letters garner 203 signatures

This morning, Thomas DiFilipo, President of JCICS, sent out this update of the Guatemala 5000 initiative. (I've previously blogged about this initiative here and here.) Joint Council Update Program: International Relations Initiative Date: October 31, 2007 Regarding: U.S. Congressional Letters – 203 Signatures Dear Friends and Colleagues, Through our collective efforts, the Guatemala 5000 Initiative […]

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Update on Guatemala 5000 initiative

Today Thomas J DiFilipo of JCICS released an update on the Guatemala 5000 initiative, an effort to organize families with a stake or interest in Guatemala adoptions - or in child welfare generally - to advocate for a humane process while Guatemala transitions to a new adoption law. At present, there is no certainty

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