Understanding the 2023 Federal Adoption Tax Credit

  Adoptive families who incurred expenses for a domestic adoption OR finalized an international adoption in 2023 should familiarize themselves with the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, which offers financial assistance to offset adoption-related expenses. Here's what you need to know: Overview: The Federal Adoption Tax Credit for 2023 can reach up to $15,590 per child. […]

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How to Celebrate the Holiday of Love in Different Cultures

  Valentine’s Day is a commonly known holiday of love in the United States and some countries throughout Europe. Couples most often celebrate the holiday as a way to show appreciation of their relationship. Around the world, many countries have their own way of showing affection through their own cultural traditions. Although some of these […]

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Prioritizing Self-Care During the Adoption Process

Self care. This phrase has become a bit of a buzzword in our society, and rightfully so. It's wonderful to carve out some time just for you, whether it's indulging in a bubble bath, treating yourself to a massage, getting a pedicure, or even satisfying a junk food craving with a large fry at the […]

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Compassion Fatigue in Fostering

  It’s ok to say no…   People make the decision to be foster parents for many different reasons.  Many of those reasons come back to one core reason, the desire to help a child.  If you’ve made the decision to foster or are considering fostering, chances are good that you are compassionate.  That compassion […]

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How the Beauty of Easter Reflects Adoption

  During this Spring season, we see flowers blooming and everything that was dead during the winter months sprouting to new life. For Christians, it is also the time of surrender and sacrifice through the reminder of Easter and the weeks and traditions leading up to it, such as Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Palm […]

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Misunderstanding Development

A child’s development is a long process, with many ups and downs that can feel impossible to predict, and adoption will most certainly affect that process. How much of your child’s behavior is typical, and how much of it is a result of your unique family circumstances? Here we will explore what average development looks […]

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The Importance of Maintaining Birth Order When Adopting

  There has been much debate over the years about families wishing to adopt out of birth order.  There is much research out there about birth order and personality.  Some research has even discovered that birth order can also affect a person’s academic performance, career choices and relationships as well.  So when we look at […]

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Family Adoption Story: A Father's Perspective

  As Father’s Day approaches, we want to honor all dads, especially those who have opened their hearts and homes to adoption. When it comes to stories of parenting, fathers do not often take center stage. That is why we asked two adoptive fathers to share their experiences during and after adoption. Each faced unique […]

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The Journey of a Social Worker

  The Beginning: I walked up the trail to the lake.  Looking around I saw a group of teenagers sitting and talking.  I walked over to the group and began talking about the beautiful day.  Then I looked at Kristen and asked, “Are you ready to go?” Kristen was a 14 year old foster child […]

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What You Can Do to Become an Adoption Advocate in 2021

  Advocacy in adoption can be surprisingly easy and straightforward when aware of the available resources. Below you will find some ideas of how you can support families and help orphaned children find their forever families. Be supportive of adoptive parents going through their adoption process by providing donations, offering respite care, or completing small […]

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