Learning to embrace the words "I don't know" as part of our transethnic adoptions

As an educated, strong willed, successful American woman the words “I don’t know” have only recently started falling comfortably into my conversations. When I commit to do things I carefully count the costs and regularly have contingency plans -- and because of the number of daily decisions it takes to run our family, there hasn’t […]

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He handed me a note that said "I'm running away."

After reading Dan’s post this morning I was looking forward to commenting on it until the topic switched from the hypothetical into my immediate life as my 8 year old adopted son came to me in the laundry room and handed me a note with three words on it “I’m running away.”

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A Revised Article

"Orphans, adoption and Fuling China: a fresh look at James 1:27" has been revised. In it I argue that James' reference to "visiting orphans in their affliction" can ultimately be understood as a call to adoption. This is not to say that no other kind of visiting orphans is legitimate or real. Orphans have very […]

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Al Jazeera, JCICS, and adoption (part 2)

Two days ago I posted about an adoption interview/debate on Al Jazeera's English network. This post is about the second half of that interview with Tom DiFilipo, President and CEO of the Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS), and Louise Melville, a Care and Protection Adviser for Save The Children. You can watch the […]

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Al Jazeera, JCICS, and adoption (part 1)

The English wing of the Arab news network Al Jazeera produced a piece last month about international adoption on their "Inside Story" program: "Guatemala Adoption Scandal" aired on 13 August 2007. The program featured two interviewees who went head-to-head on inter-country adoption: Tom DiFilipo, President and CEO of the Joint Council on International Children's Services […]

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Carolina Hope Launches Adoption Blog

Carolina Hope is pleased to announce the creation of its new blog: From Hope to Reality. This blog is the brainchild of Dan Cruver, Carolina Hope's new Ministry Outreach Coordinator. Two weeks ago, starting a blog was the last thing on anyone's mind. But with Dan's arrival and my transition (I'm now focusing almost exclusively […]

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