Birth Fathers in the Adoption Process

  It can be easy to get caught up on all of the ‘what if’s’ along your adoption journey. Especially on a day such as today, Father’s Day, you might think on the possible ‘what if’s’ surrounding your future child’s birth father in the adoption process. “What if he doesn’t want to sign his own […]

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Recognizing Birth Mother's Day

  For families who have adopted and birth mothers who have made the selfless choice of adoption, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate both families. This is why many celebrate Birth Mother’s Day every Saturday before Mother’s Day in May. No matter how families choose to do so, it is important to recognize the […]

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Prepping for a Hospital Call

  Bringing home a newborn baby is a beautiful and exciting life event!  But, what if you receive a last minute call, “we have been working with a mom that just had a baby, she has selected you…. How soon can you get here?”, and you have to travel to another state!  What do you […]

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A Gift of Another Kind

  This is the time of year we are laser focused on gifts—who needs one from us, who is expecting one, how do I know what that person wants?  Is it on Amazon? The reality is that the joy these gestures bring in giving something to another person frequently gets crushed in the weight of […]

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Birth Parent Resources: BraveLove

  I first came across BraveLove as an adoption professional, early in my career. I had just moved in with a college friend who is also a birth mother. She was telling me about an organization that describes themselves as “a pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption by acknowledging birth moms for […]

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Trusting God in Adoption

  Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21 The Lord has given us the tools and guidance to overcome hardships, anguish, or pain. We feel the Lord at our side during these times but […]

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Ways to Honor Your Child’s Birth Father

  Although there may not be a day each year designated to honor your child’s birth father, it is still important to consider how to incorporate him into your child’s story. Understandably, we give a lot of attention to birth mothers. There could be a number of reasons why birth fathers are not as involved […]

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How the Beauty of Easter Reflects Adoption

  During this Spring season, we see flowers blooming and everything that was dead during the winter months sprouting to new life. For Christians, it is also the time of surrender and sacrifice through the reminder of Easter and the weeks and traditions leading up to it, such as Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Palm […]

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The Journey of Adoption: An Adoptee's Perspective

  When talking about adoption I often hear it referred to as a journey. When I think about a journey I think about something that is ongoing with no definitive end. One of the definitions for the word journey is “passage or progress from one stage to another.” I think it is that definition of […]

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Introducing: Adoptions from Anchored in Hope

Becoming a parent and raising children is a shared dream of many individuals and couples. Throughout history, adoption has been one way to realize that dream. Nightlight Christian Adoptions has provided many paths to reach that goal. Domestic infant, embryo and international adoption services have seen thousands of children find permanency in loving homes. Our […]

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