August 2, 2019

50 Benefits of Snowflakes


If you're considering embryo adoption for achieving a pregnancy and are unsure whether to choose an embryo adoption agency or a fertility clinic, here are 50 compelling reasons why the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program might be the right choice for you. Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff for further clarification and answers to your specific questions about placement or adoption.

1. Established in 1997, Snowflakes is the oldest and most experienced embryo adoption agency globally.
2. The program was created to assist families with remaining embryos in selecting an adopting family.
3. All embryos, regardless of quality or quantity, are accepted.
4. Snowflakes provides a positive option for adopting an infant with a shorter timeline.
5. Over 1,150 babies have been born into adopting families through the Snowflakes program.
6. New sets of embryo donations are received every week.
7. Families can connect with a counselor as needed to discuss their embryo placement.
8. Our streamlined processes ensure accurate and swift services.
9. Embryos are always available for matching.
10. Placing parents follow FDA rules and regulations for embryo placement.
11. Snowflakes has an easy-to-use access system for infectious disease testing, as required by the FDA.
12. Adopting families undergo a rigorous home study evaluation.
13. Time-tested Snowflakes processes provide peace of mind for both placing and adopting families.
14. The cost of the program has remained unchanged for over 10 years.
15. Snowflakes operates under Nightlight Christian Adoptions, a trusted agency in business for 60+ years.
16. Our team consistently receives high survey scores for listening and caring.
17. All applications are accepted without discrimination.
18. Our team provides inquirers with a balance of truth and hope.
19. Open communication between placing and adopting families is encouraged.
20. The collection of medical records adds to the security of the placement.
21. Families are offered a secure listening ear and a safe place to grieve.
22. Regular examinations and changes to program processes expedite your journey.
23. We are people of integrity dedicated to providing high-quality service.
24. Surveys of completed program families yield the highest ratings 98% of the time.
25. Snowflakes team members continuously seek ways to improve the program.
26. Education is provided to clients, doctors, clinics, and other adoption agencies.
27. Our team helps you identify and complete all necessary documents for the paper-intensive process.
28. Legally sound contracts govern the placement of embryos.
29. Matching is not computer-generated but based on family preferences and profiles.
30. A pre-matching interview confirms your preferences; matches are never forced.
31. Closed or anonymous adoptions are not allowed, providing security for both placing and adopting families.
32. Matched families frequently express that it was a perfect match.
33. Support continues even after the placement/adoption is final.
34. Snowflakes manages all aspects of embryo placement, including the fate of remaining embryos.
35. A permanent record of placements and adoptions is maintained.
36. All-inclusive, competent, and valuable services at a low cost.
37. Snowflakes holds a positive, world-wide reputation.
38. Personal service and timely communications are provided by our team.
39. Positive relationships with fertility clinics throughout the U.S. are maintained.
40. Many referrals come from doctors or clinics for both placing and adopting families.
41. Resources are provided to support clients before, during, and after placement or adoption.
42. Adopting families receive three generations of placing family medical history.
43. Assistance is offered in finding positive options for all inquirers.
44. The Snowflakes program offers a holistic approach to the placement and adoption of remaining frozen embryos.
45. Nightlight is a child-centric agency focused on assisting placing and adopting parents, as well as full-genetic siblings.
46. Families are helped to connect with one another, leaving a legacy for their children.
47. Direct communication between families is encouraged for the sake of all parties involved.
48. Coordination of communication is facilitated when building future direct communications relationships.
49. Our team prays for and with our families every week.
50. Snowflakes coordinates and arranges for the safe shipment of embryos between storage facilities.

If you want to learn more about Snowflakes, call us at 970-578-9700 and ask for our experienced inquiry specialists, or email us at With the Snowflakes Program, you CAN give birth to your adopted child!

--The Snowflakes Team

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