Texas Domestic Adoption Program

Eligibility Requirements for Domestic Adoption in Texas
Nightlight® Christian Adoptions is licensed by the Texas department of health and family services to select suitable families for children needing adoption. The selection of adoptive parents is based on their eligibility to meet state and agency requirements, their capacity for adoptive parenthood, and their openness to various circumstances.
Nightlight can perform Agency Adoptions for families living anywhere in the United States.
Please refer to the “Domestic Adoption Service Agreement” for details regarding the types of
domestic services available.
Applicants must be committed to providing their child with a constructive, wholesome and spiritual home environment. Applicants will be asked to write a response to a statement of faith inquiry.
Adoptive applicants must give evidence of good health, both physical and mental, which will be verified during the home study process by medical examinations and other assessments.
Parents must be 21 or older, however birth mothers tend to prefer families in their 30’s or early 40’s.
Adoptive applicants are encouraged to have been married long enough to provide the couple sufficient time to establish a home, financial security, and to adjust to the marriage as well as to
each other. Married applicants must have a satisfying and secure marriage and be married a minimum of 2 years.
Education requirements vary depending upon the adoptive couple’s state of residence and in some cases is also dependent upon the regulations of the state from which the family is adopting (child’s birth state). Our goal is to prepare you to be the best parents possible for your child.
Therefore, we require classes and reading pertaining to parenting skills and adoption issues.
Adopting parents must be able to provide a financially stable home, demonstrated by a solid credit history and ability to live within their means.
Before you begin the adoption process, you need to complete all your infertility treatments so you can truly be ready to be the best parent for your adopted child. If you become pregnant while in the adoption process, notify our office immediately. We will place your file on hold. When you are ready to consider adoption again – generally at least when your child is nearing their first birthday – call us to discuss re-activating your file.
In order to have adequate time for attachment and bonding, it is important to have a minimum of one year with the child/ren in the home before beginning placement of another child in the home. Please take this into consideration when starting the adoption process.
For answers to your questions about domestic adoption, visit the Domestic Adoption FAQ’s Section
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We would love to see you at one of our free information seminars! These seminars are an excellent way to have your preliminary questions answered, get to know the Nightlight staff and meet other families beginning the adoption process. Call the Texas office (254-741-1633) for more information and to RSVP for an upcoming seminar or visit our Events Page.

How do we get started?

  • Read our Domestic Adoption information found on the Domestic Adoption page
  • Contact Lindsay for a link to the online application
  • We will reach out to you after reviewing your online application to get you started on our Domestic Program Orientation

If you have questions or concerns after reading through the information packet, please contact Lindsay, our Texas Inquiry Specialist, by phone at 254-741-1633 or by email at lindsay.belus@nightlight.org.

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