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Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption is about making a plan for you and your child. Adoption is not about giving away your baby. By choosing adoption, you are allowing a family of your choice to raise your child as their own. Adoptions include a range of possible options from closed to varying degrees of openness. At Nightlight, the type of adoption you choose is up to you. We respect your decision and will work with you to develop an adoption plan that best fits your needs and situation.

Working with Nightlight means that you will have a pregnancy counselor whose focus is to care for you individually while making sure your needs are met. They are there for as much emotional support as you need throughout your pregnancy, delivery, postpartum recovery, and as you move forward with the rest of your life. Another benefit is that Nightlight is a nationwide agency, which means you will not be restricted to choose from only the families who live in your state. Your pregnancy counselor will be with you as you choose the adoptive family and develop a comfortable level of openness with them. Nightlight pregnancy counselors ensure that all of the moms we work with are able to choose the level of openness they desire

Nightlight Christian Adoptions provides all services to expectant/birthmothers free of charge.

We are happy to work with women who are making an adoption plan for their unborn child, as well as those who are looking to place an older child. If you are considering adoption for a child that you are parenting or who is currently in the custody of the state, we can help. If you are pregnant and considering an adoption plan for your unborn child, we can help.

All of the adoptive families who are approved to adopt a child through have been carefully screened and have met stringent requirements before being accepted into our program. They have had training, extensive interviews, home visits, FBI & criminal background checks, and much more.

It is never too late to make an adoption plan. Even if you do not yet have a plan in place when you go to the hospital, you can still reach out to Nightlight for support and help. We will meet you at the hospital and allow you to walk through the process at the speed that is most comfortable for you. We can help you find a family quickly while you are in the hospital. We can also give you additional time after you leave the hospital if you feel that is what you need. We have certified families who are able to temporarily care for your child while you take time to decide on a plan that works best for you and your child.

We understand that you have questions and need answers. We are here to provide you with information as you consider what is right for you and your child. Talking with one of our pregnancy counselors does not obligate you to any one decision. You will not be asked to sign any legal paperwork until you have delivered the baby and are ready to make that decision. We are not here to pressure you into choosing adoption.

Nightlight offers assistance with many pregnancy-related needs. The amount and type of assistance will depend on the laws in your state. Reach out to the pregnancy counselor for your state to learn more about how we can help you.

Nightlight offers a lifetime commitment to birthparents, adoptive parents, and adopted children. We offer counseling services to all Nightlight birth moms, according to their needs. This is not a time-limited offer. Financial assistance varies by state; please contact the pregnancy counselor for your state to learn more.

Most states allow a minor to make an adoption plan without their parent’s consent. Please contact the pregnancy counselor for your state to learn specific details about your state’s laws.

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