Job Title: Foster Adoption Program Manager
Email Address: [email protected]
Favorite Adoption Story: My favorite adoption story is that of my aunt, whose daughter was placed into a loving adoptive home when was a young woman. While my aunt knew it was the best thing for her daughter, she experienced a lot of heartache over not knowing who her daughter was or how she was doing over the years, since it was a closed adoption. Thirty years later, my aunt decided to find her daughter and by the grace of God, her daughter had decided at the exact same time in her life that she wanted to find and meet her birth mother. Since then, they have met and developed a wonderful relationship with each other and our extended family. My cousin was able to grow up in a happy, loving family who could provide for her more than my aunt could at the time. I love this story as it provides a beautiful example of sacrificial love and the love and workmanship of God in our lives. God truly does know the plans for us and make all things work together for good.
Education: Bachelors in Psychology from Georgetown University
Responsibilities: I work extensively with families who are interested in fostering children with the intention to adopt. I handle inquiries about the Fostering Love Adoption program, act as a liaison between the county and our families, and lead families as they go through the necessary steps in the program.


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