Job Title: International Program Coordinator
Favorite Adoption Story: Since starting to work in international adoptions, I have been able to be a little part of our families' adoption journeys. I would say my favorite adoption story would be meeting and sitting down with a Burkina Faso family going over their travel consultation with Sonja, the program director. Once the family traveled and brought their sweet little boy home, they brought him in to the office to meet everyone. Looking into the little boy’s eyes and being able to shake his little hand will be a memory I’ll never forget. This is exactly why we do what we do!
Education: Bachelors of Art in Psychology, currently working on Masters in Social Work
Responsibilities: My responsibilities are managing our Bulgaria and Haiti programs out of the Indiana office. My duties include dossier assembly, immigration filing assistance, documentation tracking and updating, receiving referrals from the country’s Central Authority and providing assistance with court and travel for families bringing home their children.
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