Amanda A

Job Title: Social Services Manager
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Favorite Adoption Story: I don’t have just one favorite adoption story! Each adoption that I have been involved in becomes my favorite and leaves an impression on my heart. My most impactful adoption story is my grandmothers. She was adopted domestically as an infant into a wonderfully loving and supportive family. Even though her adoption was closed and she never learned who her birthparents parents were, her parents always spoke positively and respectfully of her birthparent’s decision. Through my grandmother’s story, I grew a passion for adoption and pursued a career in the adoption field.
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Biola University; Master of Social Work, California State University, Long Beach
Responsibilities: As a social services manager, I review home studies and post adoption reports, conduct international referral reviews, support families in post adoption, and supervise local social services employees
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