Alabama court decision may change the IVF process

In vitro fertilization began in 1978. Today, there are more than 400,000 IVF procedures a year in the U.S., and more than half are implanted. But almost 170,000 are not used. Some owners choose to destroy, store, or donate embryos.

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‘We were on the cloud for nine months and never came down’: B’ham family describes journey with embryo adoption

IVF and IUI’s, if you’ve dealt with infertility, all the acronyms mean the same thing. You can’t have a child. It’s crushing news for couples who want so badly to be parents, but embryo adoption is changing all of that. The more you learn about it the more it feels like a scientific miracle. At […]

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Couple Who Welcomed Twins via Embryo Adoption Celebrates Their First Christmas at Home

After years of trying, Mary Leah and Rodney Miller were thrilled to welcome twins last December. Their children, born two days before Christmas via embryo adoption, are now celebrating their first birthday — and their first Christmas at home.

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New Berlin family reflects on successful embryo adoption

November is National Adoption Month. Many of us are familiar with traditional domestic and international adoptions that take place after birth. However, families can adopt embryos.

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Birmingham family thankful for embryo adoption — 'How sweet God has been'

One Alabama family is especially grateful this Thanksgiving after receiving two little gifts from God almost a year ago.

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Mountain Brook couple grows family through embryo adoption

While the holidays can be a joyous time for families, it can be difficult for those struggling with infertility. If that's you, a Mountain Brook couple wants to offer up hope.

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Frozen Embryos Are the New Orphan Crisis

Christians and other pro-life advocates saw the 2022 Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization as a turning point in the fight against abortion in the United States. After the court overturned Roe v. Wade and removed federal protection for the procedure, some conservative states began introducing fetal personhood laws, granting the unborn the same rights as full-born children.

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I Can Adopt an Embryo?

There are now well over 1,000,000 frozen human embryos in the United States. The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program was established 25 years ago. The purpose was to empower people who no longer plan to use their embryos to choose the families who could adopt their embryos and give them life!

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Embryo "adoption": IVF off-shoot gains popularity

A lesser-known fertility option is gaining traction: using donor embryos. Embryo adoption is the term a number of embryo donor services primarily in Christian circles use to describe transferring the extra frozen embryo cells of an IVF patient to an individual or couple.

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Blended Families

Josh and Donna welcomed Whitney Reynolds into their home to talk about their journey through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program.

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