Family Talk Radio

Dr. James Dobson has long been a monumental figure in the embryo adoption movement first brining national attention to the Snowflakes Program in the late 1990’s. He revisited the topic again early this year on his popular Family Radio Show.

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ABC News

Charlie and Matt DeVore's story of embryo adoption after infertility started small but grew rapidly. It was first told by a local news station, but quickly spread across the country and finally to ABC News.

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Fox News

Fox News joined the Embryo Adoption Awareness movement early in 2014 featuring the story of Stephanie Hawkins, a woman who turned to Snowflakes after discovering she couldn't have biological children.

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Pacific Standard Magazine

Embryo adoption is growing in popularity, as it gives parents the experience of carrying a child to term.

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Al Jazeera America

“It was not an option to try to have 14 more (children). But we loved her enough to choose life for her by embryo adoption.” Those are the words of Melissa Eggleton when asked by Al Jazeera News why she chose to donate her remaining embryos to another family.

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