Embryo Adoption Process

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These are the primary eligibility requirements for the Snowflakes Program.

  • Adopting mothers must be under the age of 45.
  • Adopting fathers must be under the age of 50.
  • Couples must be legally married for at least 2 years.
  • Single women are eligible to apply.
  • Snowflakes will ship your adopted embryos to a fertility clinic of your choice from our referral network (40+ locations throughout the U.S.).
  • Personalized matching begins with the embryo donors and ends with a mutually agreed upon match with the adopting family

There are three ways to begin your embryo adoption journey.

1. Have a personal consultation with a Snowflakes Inquiry Specialist.

Our professional team will consult with you via phone and email to better understand your unique circumstances and help you determine if embryo adoption is the right choice for your family. They will help you gain an understanding of program specifics and answer your questions.

If Snowflakes is not the right adoption path for your family, Nightlight also has domestic, international, and foster adoption programs available to you.

Snowflakes Inquiry Specialist, Wisline, will answer your questions.

970-578-9700 x163 | wisline@nightlight.org

2. Complete our online Inquiry Form.

The Nightlight Inquiry Form is designed to help you determine which adoption program is right for your family. After completing the form, embryo adoption is your area of interest, a Snowflakes inquiry specialist will be in contact.

Inquiry Form

3. Not quite ready to talk or fill out forms? Gather some resources and information to start.

We are happy to supply you with several of our most popular resources to help you learn more about Snowflakes and embryo adoption. 

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Once you decide to move forward with embryo adoption, there are several items you will need complete before you are eligible for matching consideration:

  1. Final Application Form
  2. Agreement for Adoption Services
  3. Adoption Family Profile (used to help match you with a placing family)
  4. Initial Medical Screening form (physician approval, confirming no contraindications to pregnancy)
  5. Snowflakes Family Evaluation/Home Study

The Adoption Process

Watch a series of 10 short videos from the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center that explain the embryo donation and adoption process.