Embryo Donation and Adoption Educational Videos

Interested in learning more about embryo adoption? Hear the real stories of families who have been through the Snowflake adoption process. Discover what it's like to adopt frozen embryos as a way to grow your family! If you are interested in talking to one of our adoption experts after viewing these embryo adoption videos, please contact us today.

Snowflakes Embryo Adoption – Giving Life a Chance

Thousands of babies-in-waiting currently sit in frozen storage labs, often being left to be destroyed. But one adoption agency is offering couples another option. Click here to watch.

Step-by-Step Through Embryo Donation and Adoption

Have you ever thought about using donated embryos to achieve pregnancy? Through this simple and successful adoption process you control the pregnancy and give birth to your adopted child. This series of 10 videos guides you through the process of embryo donation & adoption in one-minute segments. Even if you have experienced failed IVF, you may still achieve a pregnancy through embryo adoption. Many families have already done just that! Click here to watch series.

Hannah, the First Snowflake Baby

The first child born through the process of Embryo Adoption was Hannah. Hannah and her parents share their amazing journey as they helped pioneer an entirely new way for people to build their families. The Strege family continues to advocate and support embryo adoption in their local community all the way to the White House. Click here to watch.

Embryo Quality: Choosing Life

How important is 'embryo quality'? There are a variety of methods used by medical professionals to grade frozen human embryos, projecting the likelihood of pregnancy success. Many healthy children have been born from embryos given a poor quality rating. Dr. Jeffrey Nelson of HRC Fertility helps us gain some understanding about this frequently misunderstood topic. Click here to watch.

Open Adoption – It Works!

A compelling story of two families brought together by their common desire to become parents. The couples clearly communicate the difficulties facing both donor and adopting families and how their families became connected through the gift of embryo donation. Click here to watch.

Chloe - A Story of Infertility, Adoption, and God's Love

Nightlight believes that each and every frozen embryo is a human life that God has a life-plan for. This video ‘Chloe’ is a fantastic testimony of God’s incredible loving-kindness and His sovereign power in each of our lives – through times of sadness and times of joy. Please watch this video and TRUST GOD for His perfect plan for you. Click here to watch.

The Answer to an Exhaustive Fertility Search

J.V. and Cathy had visited every fertility specialist in the area, hoping to find a solution to their heartbreak from multiple miscarriages. As it turned out, the answer came in the form of Embryo Donation and Adoption, which enabled the couple to give birth to twin boys! Click here to watch.

The Right Choice for Our Family

After receiving the diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), most of the options Brian and Debbie explored - from egg donation to international adoption- didn't seem like the right fit for their family. The couple was amazed by the personal control, education and safeguards available using Embryo Donation and Adoption. Click here to watch.

Hope Restored by Embryo Adoption

Mike and Stephanie's dreams of starting a family seemed dim after a diagnosis of male infertility factor. But the couple found new hope when they discovered the unique adoption alternative of Embryo Adoption. The family is now complete with two energy-filled boys, gifts from two different embryo donors. Click here to watch.

What is Embryo Adoption?

A brief history of the process of embryo donation and adoption. Ron Stoddart, of Nightlight Christian Adoptions provides you with an in-depth explanation to how the process works, and how Snowflakes started. Click here to watch.

Snowflakes on 'The Katie Show'

The BIG CONVERSATION on The Katie Couric show September 30, 2013 was SNOWFLAKES! Snowflakes family Dan and Kelli Gassman and their 9-month old son Trevor were guests on the program along with Dr. Robin Poe-Zeigler, their Reproductive Endocrinologist and Kimberly Tyson, Marketing and Program Director for Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Click here to watch.