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Simple Successful Snowflakes – How much does embryo adoption cost?

Are you wondering how much embryo adoption cost? The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program offers a comprehensive embryo adoption management plan.

When you choose Snowflakes you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees. We have a proven track record covering 20 years as the pioneer embryo adoption agency, helping couples post-fertility treatment options grow their family. More than 1,100 snowflake babies have been born to families working with our program. We have families available to speak with you personally about their embryo adoption journey with Snowflakes. The cost for adopting frozen embryos through the Snowflakes program provides you with the expert support of the Snowflakes team.

There are many special aspects of the Snowflakes program: encouraging open relationships, ensuring that each donor’s embryos are placed into one loving family of their choice, working with fertility clinics throughout the nation, and our experienced, professional team. We believe that every embryo deserves a chance for the life for which it was created and we are delighted that you are considering embryo adoption for your family.

If adoption fees are a financial hardship, review some of the resources on our “Funding Your Embryo Adoption” page, or consider applying for a Nightlight Foundation Grant.

The Snowflakes Program fee is $8,500*. Nightlight Christian Adoption's application fee is $600.

There are three payments for the Snowflakes Program to help you distribute the cost of the program over a period of time, rather than requesting payment-in-full before beginning the program.
Payment #1 (application fee)
Due with Application
Payment #2
Due before Matching Phase
Payment #3
Due before Contracts Phase

Payments must be made in full prior to initiating the next phase of the program.

There are two variable costs not included in the $8,500.00 Snowflakes Program fee: your home study and your frozen embryo transfer costs. These variable costs depend on your choice of home study, home study provider, fertility clinic location, medication, number of consultations, etc.

How does Snowflakes assist us in our embryo adoption journey?

Snowflakes has been helping families give birth to their adopted children for over 25 years. We have a proven track record and expert staff to help you along your path to parenthood. Here is a list of 50 benefits you will experience working with Snowflakes.

  • Every day we help families with remaining embryos prepare to place their embryos for adoption.
  • We follow FDA rules and regulations for the donation of embryos.
  • We have embryos available now, enabling quicker matching services, speeding you along to your pregnancy.
  • Matching is a thorough, hands-on process. No computer-generated random matching.
  • Our experts communicate with fertility clinics throughout the nation coordinating the acceptance and shipment of adopted embryos.


*The Snowflakes Program fee of $8,500.00 will provide each adopting family with a maximum of three reviews of donor family matches selected and based on preferences. These matches are presented one at a time. Once a match is rejected that rejection is final, you may not revert to a previously rejected match. Each additional match review, over the included three, is $500.00 per match review.

View Home Study Fees

One additional variable cost you will incur is your Home Study/Family Evaluation.
Why do you need a home study/family evaluation?

Every adoption requires a home study/family evaluation.

At Snowflakes we follow the best practices of adoption and therefore we require an adoption home study/family evaluation be completed by the adopting family. We believe the donor, adopter and children will benefit and are protected by the home study/family evaluation process. After all, children are adopted, not donated.

A home study/family evaluation consists of educational components, along with personal meetings with an agency professional and various background checks. A home study/family evaluation usually takes about two to three months to complete. Adopting families receive the education necessary for success in raising adopted children and communicating their child’s unique snowflake baby adoption journey in an appropriate and loving manner.

Donating families have confidence that the adopting family has been appropriately evaluated and is a safe and loving family, a family willing to attempt to give life to each embryo placed into their care.

The cost for an adoption home study/family evaluation ranges from $2,000 to $3,500 depending on the agency you choose to provide you with services.

View Clinic Fees

Variable fees you will incur is the cost associated with the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET).

The FET is the final step in your embryo adoption journey. The FET is normally performed at one of our preferred referral fertility clinics.

  • The Snowflakes Program has relationships with about 40+ clinics located throughout the U.S. These clinics understand our mission as an embryo adoption agency and try to help our clients as patients in any capacity that they can. By working with a Snowflakes referral fertility clinic, you will move more quickly through the embryo adoption process.
  • Some adoptive families may choose to travel to the clinic where their donor family completed their fertility treatments. However, this may not be possible for every family, as the embryos may have been moved from that location to a long term storage facility.
  • Preferred referral fertility clinics ensure our adopting families experience a safe, professional, and friendly FET cycle, which is a critical part of your embryo adoption experience.

To learn more about Snowflakes referral fertility clinic locations, please contact our office to speak with one of our Snowflakes Adopting Parent Inquiry Specialists.

The cost of an FET ranges from $4,000 to $10,000, which may or may not include the cost of the medication needed for cycle preparation. Please direct all questions regarding fees to your referral clinic of choice, and ask them to clearly explain any additional/optional costs you may incur.

We would also encourage you to contact health insurance provider to see if any of your frozen embryo transfer expenses will be covered by your health plan.

There are grants available that can help with the cost of your FET. Check out our “Funding Your Embryo Adoption” page to learn more.

Funding Embryo Adoption

Funding Resources for Embryo Adoption

It is possible to make your Snowflakes adoption affordable. Nightlight will help you explore all options. Many Snowflakes clients have funded the majority of their adoption and medical expenses through no-interest loans, grants, and fundraising! We have a person on staff who is an expert in helping families find financial assistance for their adoption.

We have created an adoption funding excel workbook that can be downloaded for free below. There are multiple tabs at the bottom of this file that will help you plan as you identify embryo adoption focused grants and loans to apply for. You will need to consider adoption focused grants for agency costs, and infertility treatment based grants for your Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). 

Building A Financial Plan Excel File (Download)

Want more tips on funding your Embryo Adoption?

9 Ways an Average Person Pays for Adoption (and other helpful links)

How in the World Do You Afford Adoption?

Adoption Bridge: Fundraising Resource through Nightlight

AdoptionBridge is great crowdfunding website where you can tell your embryo adoption story, post pictures, videos, and keep people informed about what’s going on. You can accept donations from your friends and family, and these funds are sent to Nightlight (or your adoption agency). Set up a page for your adoption, and then send the link to all your friends, church members, family, etc.

Level Grounds Xpresso

Seems like just about everyone drinks coffee – or they know someone who does! Why not do a little fundraising by selling a delicious coffee-blend with a label customized for your family fundraiser?

Here is how it works – Level Grounds Xpresso creates a custom blend of coffee and a bag label for your adoption fundraiser. Your family and friends purchase the bags of coffee through their website. They ship the order directly to the buyer! All you have to do is talk about your ‘branded’ coffee on social media or at social events and let people know that they can financially support you AND drink their favorite beverage. Visit their website at

The Snowflakes embryo adoption program fee includes:

Obtaining and preparing embryo donating families
Matching embryo donating and embryo adopting with similar desires.
Ensuring FDA compliance for embryo adoption and donation
Coordination of clinic communications and shipping of donated embryos.
Proven and secure legal documentation for adopting embryo

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