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Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each frozen embryo.

Adoptive families who participate in the Open Hearts Program will be matched with embryo sets that have been waiting for a forever family for a variety of reasons. They are opening their hearts to help frozen babies have an opportunity to be born! They are saying ‘yes’ to a placing family who has been waiting for a match for their remaining embryos. They are saying ‘yes’ to the potential lives of frozen embryos.

Embryos come in all different sizes and quantities, each with its own unique background. And all of these embryos have the ability to become your baby.

Snowflakes Open Hearts Adoption brochure

Eligibility requirements for the Open Hearts Program

We are looking for families who have a heart for adoption and feel a calling to rescue an embryo from frozen storage. Open Hearts adoptive families should be open to receiving embryos regardless of the embryos’ medical history, the age of the embryos, quality, level of communication with the donor family, and other aspects surrounding the creation of the embryos.

Open Hearts adoptive families must be open to traveling to any one of our Preferred Partner Fertility Clinics who will be open to receiving these embryos on your behalf. Contact us to get more information on these clinics, and what travel and transfer preparation would look like for your specific situation.

Are you ready to start your embryo adoption journey? After reading the Snowflakes Information Packet and FAQs, please contact Dawn, one of our Snowflakes Inquiry Specialists, at 970-578-9700 x163 and she will help you get started on your journey.

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