Celebrating the Birth of Snowflake Baby #1000!

In 1997, a couple facing infertility harbored a strong desire for children. Little did they know that their decision to adopt a couple's frozen embryos would lead to the creation of a groundbreaking form of adoption—the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program. Now, 25 years later, we joyfully celebrate the arrival of our 1,000th baby! In 2012, […]

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The Quality of Embryos Does Not Equal Pregnancy Success

  On a chilly Friday night, as snowflakes softly fell from the dark sky, I found myself behind the wheel, heading to a local fundraiser to meet my husband. My husband and I had faced the heartache of unsuccessful attempts to start a family for over three years, leaving us with unanswered questions after initial […]

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An International Embryo Adoption

I found myself overwhelmed with emotion as I observed the tiny pinpricks of light on the monitor in the doctor's office. They were a sheer miracle, etched into my memory forever. However, for Emily, the urgency to use the bathroom occupied her thoughts entirely. Yet, this journey through embryo adoption has been a blend of […]

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Creating a Life Book For Your Adoptive/Foster Child

      Creating Lifebooks for our children is one of those things in life that some parents follow through better than others, like sending out Christmas cards. The desire is there, we’ve pictured the outcome, we understand the appreciation it will bring others, and some have gotten as far as making a Shutterfly account. […]

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Adopting Embryos Who Are a Different Ethnicity Than You

Our openness to adopting a child of a different ethnicity than our own really began years ago, when we knew God was putting Japan on our hearts. At the time, we didn’t realize that this growing interest in Japanese culture and love for Japanese people would have anything to do with adoption, let alone embryo […]

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Part 2: Salem Family Answers Common Embryo Adoption Questions

It’s January 2015, and for Adéye Salem, that means she’s less than a month away from the frozen embryo transfer that she and her husband have been preparing months for. Adéye recently braved the cold weather and made another video to answer your questions about embryo adoption. In this video, she answers questions about their […]

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Part 1: Salem Family Answers Common Embryo Adoption Questions

Anthony and Adéye Salem are working on a series of videos to answer your questions about embryo adoption. In the first video, they answer questions about: • Age – Are they too old for embryo adoption? • Success Rate – Why did they choose embryos that have a 20-30% chance at life? • Family Size […]

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The Famous, the Adopted

What do Nelson Mandela, Faith Hill, Steve Jobs and Nancy Reagan all have in common? Of course, they’re all famous and have left a mark on the world in one way or another. But there’s one thing that you may not know about them – they’re all adopted. There’s another person you may have heard […]

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