July 15, 2019

An International Embryo Adoption

I found myself overwhelmed with emotion as I observed the tiny pinpricks of light on the monitor in the doctor's office. They were a sheer miracle, etched into my memory forever. However, for Emily, the urgency to use the bathroom occupied her thoughts entirely. Yet, this journey through embryo adoption has been a blend of the miraculous and the hilariously human at every turn.

Our tale of infertility started like many others, with frequent visits to the doctor's office resembling a loyalty punch card at Starbucks. With each visit, the proposed solutions became progressively more invasive. Living overseas due to work added a layer of complexity to our situation. As expatriates, we maximized medical care during trips home, but it became evident that natural conception wasn't in our cards. Exploring traditional adoption, we faced challenges in our small African host country, leading us to consider international adoption in a neighboring nation. This path promised a lengthy wait and slim chances of adopting a baby. Ultimately, we embraced the idea of adopting an older child, reconciling ourselves to the loss of experiencing the infancy stage with our children.

Then, a colleague introduced us to embryo adoption, and it seemed to answer all our prayers. It offered a child in need of a family, the chance to witness our child's infancy, and the gift of my wife experiencing the profound beauty of pregnancy and childbirth. Our journey involved fundraising, fervent prayers, airplane tickets, moments of discouragement that led to indulging in cookies-and-cream pints and West Wing reruns. Despite the challenges, we persevered.

Adopting five embryos through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, we transferred two of them. Later that day, we found ourselves in a quaint taco joint, where I insisted Emily stay put, providing her with an array of salsa options. She playfully teased me, as if her moving to the drink dispenser would cause irreparable harm. It became evident that this entire experience was not just about our son; it also brought us closer together. It shaped us into the parents our little Noah needed and solidified us as the family we had always dreamt of being.

--Embryo Adoptive Family

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