The Quality of Embryos Does Not Equal Pregnancy Success

  On a chilly Friday night, as snowflakes softly fell from the dark sky, I found myself behind the wheel, heading to a local fundraiser to meet my husband. My husband and I had faced the heartache of unsuccessful attempts to start a family for over three years, leaving us with unanswered questions after initial […]

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How to Spread the Word About Embryo Adoption

  For the past twelve years, I have been working for Nightlight Christian Adoptions. All of my focus has been on raising awareness and participation in embryo donation and adoption. The most discouraging words I hear on any given day are, “I’ve never heard about this before. You need to be doing more to help […]

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Top Three Reasons to Become a Dad Using Embryo Adoption

  In certain circles of American culture, there persists a misguided notion that fatherhood is somehow incompatible with masculinity. Activities like changing diapers or using a Baby Bjorn are deemed beneath men, sometimes even considered emasculating. Unfortunately, adopting a baby often falls into the category of unacceptable activities for men, and I, too, held such […]

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If Your Embryos Could Talk: Embryo Donation

Hello, hello! Yes, it’s me, your little embryo. Do have a moment to chat? It’s been sometime since you created me, and while I am super happy you did, but I was wondering what your plans are for me. Are you planning to increase your family and bring me into the fold? If not, what […]

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God's Greatest Gift

    As we enter the Christmas season, there are so many things to be thankful for: the health of living in a bountiful nation, the happiness of having choices, and the hope of what tomorrow will bring. Yet as we ponder these things amongst our daily to do lists, nothing would seem quite as […]

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Embryo Quality: Does It Really Matter?

Medical professionals employ various methods to assess the quality of frozen human embryos, predicting the likelihood of successful pregnancy. Common techniques include Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostic (PGD) and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) testing. However, studies reveal that these assessments may not always be accurate. Lower-quality embryos, when thawed and transferred, can result in healthy babies, challenging […]

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Part 2: Salem Family Answers Common Embryo Adoption Questions

It’s January 2015, and for Adéye Salem, that means she’s less than a month away from the frozen embryo transfer that she and her husband have been preparing months for. Adéye recently braved the cold weather and made another video to answer your questions about embryo adoption. In this video, she answers questions about their […]

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Part 1: Salem Family Answers Common Embryo Adoption Questions

Anthony and Adéye Salem are working on a series of videos to answer your questions about embryo adoption. In the first video, they answer questions about: • Age – Are they too old for embryo adoption? • Success Rate – Why did they choose embryos that have a 20-30% chance at life? • Family Size […]

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