A Birth Mother's Story on Openness

A Nightlight birth mother’s perspective on open adoption –   “Open adoption has changed my life in more ways than I ever thought it would. I placed my son for adoption with my boyfriend because I had become pregnant unexpectedly. I was 18 at the time and still in school living at home with my […]

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Family Adoption Story: A Father's Perspective

  As Father’s Day approaches, we want to honor all dads, especially those who have opened their hearts and homes to adoption. When it comes to stories of parenting, fathers do not often take center stage. That is why we asked two adoptive fathers to share their experiences during and after adoption. Each faced unique […]

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Transracial Adoption Panel 2

  There are many places to receive education and training during the adoption process. In addition to books, online resources, and professional trainings, we want to offer personal experiences from some of our transracial adoptive families through an online Q&A panel. These parents offer just some of their personal perspectives for you to read and […]

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A Book Review: All You Can Ever Know

  “No matter how a child joins your family, their presence changes all the rules; they move into your heart and build new rooms, know down walls you never knew existed.”   This book offers something very unique through the perspective of an adoptee. It does not hold back about the complexities of adoption and […]

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The Journey of a Social Worker

  The Beginning: I walked up the trail to the lake.  Looking around I saw a group of teenagers sitting and talking.  I walked over to the group and began talking about the beautiful day.  Then I looked at Kristen and asked, “Are you ready to go?” Kristen was a 14 year old foster child […]

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What I Wish You Knew: A Birthmom Testimony

I grew up having a fairytale idea of how my life would turn out. I was going to be happily married, a stay at home mom with 6 children, I would have a huge yard with a tire swing and life would be perfect. In reality, I was married... and divorced. Twice. I was blessed […]

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An International Embryo Adoption

I found myself overwhelmed with emotion as I observed the tiny pinpricks of light on the monitor in the doctor's office. They were a sheer miracle, etched into my memory forever. However, for Emily, the urgency to use the bathroom occupied her thoughts entirely. Yet, this journey through embryo adoption has been a blend of […]

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Lessons Learned as an Adoptive Mom

  When my husband and I prayerfully decided we would like to adopt, I was one of those people who read all the blogs, and did my best to “master” this journey in advance. We ultimately narrowed things down to foster adoption as the best fit for our family. Fast forward through a home study, […]

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In the Classroom: Acknowledging Foster and Adopted Children

    As parents of six children, all school aged at adoption, we realized almost immediately, that adoption would need to be addressed in the classroom. We have been very involved in our children’s education, so have dealt with a lot of teachers! For the most part, we have been blessed to have amazing, nurturing […]

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Always Hope

  In our years of waiting to build our family, we would often lose hope that it would ever happen. We would question if the word hope even existed. And when we started seeing others build their family, we would often feel defeated and hopeless in our journey. While we were waiting, I went on […]

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