September 12, 2022

Five Things to Know When Donating Embryos

You've taken the leap to donate your embryos to another family!

While you might think it's as simple as chatting with a representative, signing some papers, and calling it a day, the embryo donation process has more nuances than you might realize initially.

Here are the top five things you should brace yourself for when diving into the embryo donation process:

1. Choose Wisely

  • You do have a say in the embryo donation programs you work with, but not all programs are alike.
  • Many programs don't let you pick the recipients, and anonymity can be a factor. With Snowflakes Embryo Adoption, you not only get to know the recipients but can also choose the family yourself!

2. Age Matters

  • Most clinic donation programs shy away from embryos older than five years.
  • "Older" embryos have different thawing and transferring protocols. Snowflakes has adopting families ready for these embryos with the support of referral clinics.

3. Consider the Cost

  • If you have only one or two embryos, there might be a donation cost.
  • Some programs charge all fees, while others offset some. Be cautious, as programs with no fees may limit your say in the donation process.
  • Donating involves various logistics, paperwork, FDA panels, and support, leading to associated costs.

4. Storage and Transportation Responsibility

  • Until you sign the contract to release them, you're responsible for storage and transportation costs.
  • Embryos are legally seen as property, and the responsibility lies with you. To save costs, consider moving embryos to a storage facility. Connect with a Snowflakes representative to kickstart this process!

5. Empowerment with Snowflakes

  • Snowflakes empowers embryo donors by allowing them to confidently choose life for their remaining embryos.
  • Coined for the unique and frozen nature of embryos, the Snowflakes Program, backed by Nightlight for over 25 years, supports placing families in making confident decisions.

For more info on donating embryos through Snowflakes, reach out to our Colorado office at 970-578-9700 or visit

By: Jen Grams

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