February 9, 2021

Couples Weary of Domestic Adoption Find Success in Embryo Adoption

While domestic adoption has proven to be a wonderful choice for numerous families, it doesn't always work out for everyone. Some families, like Dana and Tim Ericksson, grow weary of domestic adoption due to prolonged waiting times for the child they desire. Dana and Tim faced the disappointment of two birth mothers changing their minds during their domestic adoption journey. In their pursuit of parenthood, they found success through embryo adoption, a path that allowed Dana to experience pregnancy and give birth to their adopted child through the transfer of donated frozen embryos.

After an eight-year struggle to conceive, Dana and Tim never expected to see a positive pregnancy test. Embryo adoption provided them with the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Dana expressed, “We had been married for 15 years, trying for eight years, and never once been pregnant. I never thought it would happen for us. It was surreal to be able to experience it.”

The challenges in domestic adoption extend beyond birth parents changing their minds; the significant cost can be a deterrent for many couples. Domestic adoption expenses can surpass $30,000, making it financially unattainable for some without taking on substantial loans or personal debt. Concerns about the child's health also arise, as couples lack the opportunity to control the prenatal environment and may be uncertain about the conditions their child experienced before birth. Additionally, domestic adoptions can be lengthy, making family planning timelines unpredictable.

Embryo adoption emerges as an alternative that many pursuing domestic adoption may not have explored. Some may be aware of it but hesitate to enter the realm of assisted reproduction again. Couples who opt for embryo adoption often have a history of failed IVF attempts and find success in building their family through adopting embryos. Notably, the cost of embryo adoption is approximately half that of domestic adoption, and the matching process with a placing family with remaining embryos typically takes 8-12 months.

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