January 11, 2021

Is 2021 Your Year to Donate?

As a new year unfolds, the prevailing themes of renewal, fresh beginnings, decision-making, and goal achievement come to the forefront. If you've reached the conclusion of your IVF journey, you may have grappled with the decision regarding the fate of your remaining embryos in the past year. This decision, perhaps unforeseen and undesirable, may appear daunting or emotionally challenging. However, it's never too early to seek the answers you yearn for; now is an opportune time to take the initial step.

Consider the Donation Option

Have you explored the possibility of embryo donation and adoption? Were you aware that there exists an adoption model for donating embryos? The notion of your embryos belonging to someone else might seem overwhelming, but those who confronted such fears often discovered that placement through an adoption program was the right choice for them.

Reasons to Consider Donation
  • Embryo donation offers a life-affirming option for your embryos.
  • With the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, you can choose adoptive parents, assured that they've been deemed prepared by adoption professionals in various aspects.
  • Snowflakes offers communication with adoptive families and provide updates on children born from donated embryos.
  • Many clinics have specific criteria for accepting embryos, and donating sooner increases the likelihood of acceptance by a fertility clinic.
  • Managing storage costs has become challenging.
Take the First Step

Embark on this journey with a simple step—ask questions! Often, the fear of the unknown hinders progress.

Where to Begin
  • Connect with Snowflakes to understand the donation process.
  • Find inspiration and strength in stories of other families with remaining embryos who have navigated similar paths.
  • Address your most challenging questions through Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

As you step into the New Year, make your resolution one of acquiring knowledge, educating yourself, and taking the time to reflect on challenging questions and emotions you may have been avoiding. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing, but the good news is that one small step can lead to another, and another, until you find the answers and peace of mind you seek.

To delve deeper into embryo donation, explore Snowflakes.org.

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